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  Journal of Political Studies
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Vol. I9, Issue - 2, Winter - 2012
Civil Service Reforms in Nigeria: The journey so far in service delivery
by Rosemary O. Anazodo, Joseph C. Okoye, Emma E.O. Chukwuemeka

US Foreign Policy Parameters towards Pakistan and India (2001-2008)
by Umbreen Javaid, Qamar Fatima

Feminist Analysis of Human Right Law
by Shazia Qureshi

Strategic Importance of Gwadar Port
by Hasan Yaser Malik

India-United States Strategic Relations: China as a Factor
by Mohammad Samir Hussain

Invasion of Iraq: Introspective Analysis of US Long Term Foreign Policy in the Middle East
by Nana Adu-Pipim Boaduo

Ethnic Factor in Afghanistan
by Muhammad Saleem Mazhar, Samee Ozair Khan, Naheed S. Goraya

Progressive Development of Women’s Human Rights in International Human Right Law and within United Nations System
by Shazia Qureshi

Role of Judiciary in the Evolvement of Democracy in Pakistan
by Iram Khalid

Withering Hegemony of US and Evolving De-centered Globalism: A Theoretical account
by Liu Debin, Rizwan Naseer, Musarat Amin

Tourism downfall: sectarianism an apparent major cause, in Gilgit-Baltistan (GB), Pakistan
by Khalida Khan, Nilofer Haider Mirza, Amjad Almas

Formation of the All India Muslim League and its Response to some Foreign Issues – 1906 – 1911
by Nadeem Shafiq Malik
Book Review

Peace Building in South Asia: Limitations and Prospects
by Zulfiqar Ali

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