Pakistan Economic and Social Review
  Pakistan Economic and Social Review
  Published by: School of Economics
  ISSN- 1011-002X (Print) 2224-4174 (Online)  
Frequency: Bi-Annual  

Contents Volume 1, 1952
Editorial — Why this Journal
Basic Conditions of Economic Progress
by Dr. S. M. Akhtar
Some Notes on the Concept of Planning
by Aziz Ali F. Mohammad
Anti-Inflation Policy
by Syed Munir Husain
Trade Cycles
by Zamir Azar
International Monetary Fund
by Hasan Zaheer
Tanning Industry in Pakistan
by Mohammad Hayat
The Role of Private Enterprise in the Economic Life of Pakistan
by Imtiaz Ahmad
Cottage Industries in Pakistan
by Mohd. Hanif
Reorganization of Agriculture
by Iftikhar Rasool Malli
The Problem of Full Employment
by Parvez Hasan
Sterling Area — Its Present and Future
by Khizr-ur-Rahman
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