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  South Asian Studies
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(Vol. 35, No. 1, Jan. – June 2020)
China-Russia-Pakistan Strategic Triangle: Imperative Factors
by Syed Hussain Shaheed Soherwordi & Uzma Munshi

Is Corruption Detrimental for Economic Growth? A Panel Data Analysis of Selected South Asian Economies
by Jahanzeb Khan, Rana M. Adeel-Farooq, Kashif Akram & M. Sharif Abbasi

Afghan Women Education: Bottlenecks & Future
by Muhammad Saleem Mazhar & Naheed S. Goraya

String of Pearls: Politics of Ports in Indian Ocean
by Khalid Manzoor Butt, Sanwal Hussain Kharl & Khizar Abbas Bhatti

Space Militarization Race among China-Russia and USA: Implications for South Asia
by Fazal Abbas Awan & Umbreen Javaid

Institutional Failure: A Challenge to Good Governance in Pakistan
by Marium Kamal & Sarfraz Batool

Indo- US Strategic Objectives in Afghanistan: Security Calculus of Pakistan
by Muhammad Tayyab Zia

Theory of Separation of Power: Balancing the Civil-Military Relations in Pakistan 2013-2018
by Zahid Mahmood & Muhammad Iqbal Chawla

Religious Tourism and Peace Building: Kartarpur Corridor as a Peace Symbol in India-Pakistan Conflict and Inter-Faith Harmony
by Asma Qadir Hasan & Iram Khalid

Politics of Nawab of Kalabagh Malik Amir Muhammad Khan (1910-1967)
by Javid Raza Naseem & Abdul Basit Mujahid

Transitionary Aspects and Population Dynamics in Rural Punjab: Demographic and Social Dimensions
by Ayesha Farooq

War on Terror: Repercussions for Pakistan
by Muhammad Shamshad, Amjad Abbas Khan & Muhammad Hassan

Creation of New Provinces: It’s Socio-Political Implication for Pakistan
by Chanzeb Awan

BRI & CPEC: Strategic & Economic Depth for Pakistan
by Hafeez Ullah Khan

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