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January 27-31, 2019

The propagation of light probes the fundamental structure of spacetime, and its gravitational dynamics are described by general relativity or possible modifications. These theoretical models are increasingly testable, thanks to the latest advances in astronomy and astrophysics. Given the remarkable recent insight that gravity theories can be constructed, we will investigate how such theories may work. With the first detections of gravitational waves we have entered an exciting new era in gravitational physics that enables us to learn about the fundamental properties of gravity with a completely new sense. In particular, it opens up the unique opportunity to probe gravity in its most challenging, strong-field and dynamical regime. The attractive nature of this conference is that it intersects with several core areas of mathematical physics particularly, gravitation and cosmology.
This International conference will be aimed at newcomers to the field, with a strong focus on team-based collaborative work.  Pedagogically, the expressway into the subject is to use many of the key ideas and theorems in the field. The scientific program covers a broad range of topics from the mathematical structure of General Relativity and fundamental issues of classical gravity, through modified gravitational models.  In addition to the invited/plenary talks, the conference will consist of contributed talks by the participants. The talks should be submitted in pdf format to the conference secretary at email puicgc@pu.edu.pk until November 16, 2018.
This Conference is dedicated to 50 Years of Stephen Hawking’s PhD and the Singularity Theorem.

The main topics of the conference will be

Gravitation and General Relativity
Alternative Theories of Gravity
Cosmology and the Early Universe
Dark Energy and Inflation
Fundamental Aspects of Astrophysics
Mathematical and Relativistic Aspects of Cosmology
Gravitational Waves of Cosmological and Astrophysical Origin