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Instructions for Author

ORIENTAL COLLEGE MAGAZINE (OCM) is one of the oldest research journals of Oriental languages (Arabic, Persian, Urdu etc.), uninterruptedly being published by University Oriental College, University of the Punjab, since 1925. Deeply embedded in both classical and modern traditions of research, cognizant of ever-emerging knowledge and insights in the fields of Oriental languages, literature, and their attendant cultures, OCM is currently published quarterly in Urdu. Hence, OCM invites research articles from different specializations in Oriental Studies aimed at digging out new facts or rectifying old ones and interpreting notions related to Oriental languages, literatures, and history etc. The Magazine is recognized by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan in the category of "Z" in Humanities& Languages Journals. Efforts are on way to get its category elevated.

The OCM has a double-blind peer reviewing policy. Initial screening for the suitability of the article for publication in the OCM is carried out by the editorial committee and subsequently the manuscript is sent for blind reviewing. Following HEC peer review policy, each article is reviewed by one local expert and two from academically advanced countries. Authors are kept informed about the comments, revisions, amendments, omissions suggested by the reviewers and are accordingly required to revise their papers.

The author has to provide an undertaking that: a) the material given in the article is original (not plagiarized); b) those who contributed in various capacities have either been included as authors or have been duly acknowledged; c) the manuscript submitted to the OCM for publication is not
submitted or published elsewhere. Agreement and undertaking form are provided by the OCM committee to the authors after manuscript submission. It
is mandatory for the authors submitting their writings to OCM to comply with the recommended guidelines for references and bibliography. As per HEC
policy, the paper will be published subject to its clearance for plagiarism.

Preparation of Manuscript: In light of HEC's instructions articles written only in Urdu are accepted for publication. All submissions must have a title, left aligned, font size 14, single space with margin. The title page shall list 1) full title, 2) all authors' names along with his/her institutes of affiliation, 3) full postal address including email and telephone. The author's name should only appear in the title page as the review process requires anonymity.

Abstract and References: The abstract should range between 120-150 words for all articles. An abstract is a concise summary of the whole paper, not just the conclusions. Follow the instructions – available at the back of inner title- for inserting references in the text and preparing bibliography.

Submission of the Manuscript: Correspondence regarding publication should be addressed to the Editor on: editor.ocm@pu.edu.pk and for sending manuscript through surface mail Editor: ORIENTAL COLLEGE MAGAZINE, University Oriental College, University of the Punjab, Allama Iqbal Campus, Lahore, Pakistan.

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