Journal of Gender & Development
  Journal of Gender & Development
  Published by: Department of Gender Studies
  ISSN- 1992-4291  
Frequency: Bi-Annual  

Current Issue

Gender and Underpinnings of Purdah in Pakistani Society
by Riffat Haque
Girl Child as House Maid
by Munawar S. Mirza, Rahila Sharif
Violence Against Women in Pakistan
by Nasira Javed Iqbal

Factors Compelling Women to Prostitution
by Munawar S. Mirza, Ra’ana Malik, Amina Yasmeen

Adjustment Problems of Married Working and Non-working Women Living in Joint Families
by Maher Bano, Madhia Asghar, Shazia

Gender Inequality in Rural Areas of Pakistan: A Sociological Analysis
by Hamadullah Kakepoto

Difference in Level of Anxiety in Women Before and After Surgery
by Rahat Sajjad, Tahira Hakim Shah, Saima and Samia

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