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Instructions for Author

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The following instructions should be followed to publish the work with the Taleemat.

Format: Manuscripts should be prepared in Microsoft Word format and submitted through email. The entire manuscript must be in Times New Roman. The font size of text should be 12 point, while the main heading should be 13 point with bold font style. The sub-heading should be 12 point with bold. The margin at each page should be 1 cm from top, bottom, left and right. The line spacing should be 1.5. The abbreviations and acronyms which are not standardized should be given in full form first time and afterwards can be given the abbreviated form consistently.

Order of the manuscript: Manuscript should be complied as: title page (including author and corresponding author details); abstract; keywords; main text, disclosure statement and references

Article Length: Articles submitted to the journal must be between 6000 to 8000 words.

Article Title: Title of the article can consist of not more than 12 words capitalizing initial letter.

Author Details: All the contributing authors must provide the following details only on the title page and should not be repeated in the subsequent pages.

o Full name
o Correct and active email address
o Affiliation (department, university, city, and country). The affiliation should be of the place where the research was conducted.

The corresponding author additionally should provide complete address with postal code and phone number.
Abstract: Authors should provide the abstract in a paragraph between 150 to 200 words. The abstract should not be the summary but present the purpose, research methods (sampling technique, data collection and analysis method), findings, implications and conclusion.

Keywords: Authors should provide appropriate and short 4 to 6 keywords which best reflect the manuscript/work.

Headings: Headings should be clear, concise and in a hierarchical form (e.g. Introduction, Research Methods and Conclusion should be first-level headings). The sub-headings under the first-level headings should be accordingly second and third-level headings.

Table and Figure: All the tables and figures should be given after their mention in the manuscript with appropriate caption. The caption of table should be given on top of the table; while the caption of the figure should be given below the figure. All tables and figures in the manuscript should be mentioned as Table 1, Table 2, Table 3…., Figure 1, Figure 2, Figure 3….. Any table or figure used in the manuscript not created/devised by the authors should be acknowledged appropriately.

References: Contributions from other publications should be acknowledged in the text and given the complete reference in the end of the article under the reference section. All the references should be given following the Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA), 6th Ed. Authors are advised to provide accurate and complete references.

Review Process: Manuscripts submitted to the Taleemat are reviewed through blind peer-review process. Upon submission, the manuscripts are firstly reviewed by the editors. If it has the potential under the scope of the journal then it is further sent to the relevant subject experts. Upon the reviewers’ comments authors will be informed about the report.

Publication Ethics Guidelines
Authors are advised to observe the following ethical guidelines.

1. Authors submitting manuscripts to the Taleemat should furnish a statement that the data used in the manuscripts is not fake.
2. Authors should ensure that copying tables, figures, charts or graphs from other sources are properly acknowledged coherently in the in-text and reference sections. Additionally, the text taken as quotation/s from other sources must be given in double quotations (“”) with true page number.
3. Authors should ensure that the manuscripts submitted to the Taleemat have neither been published earlier nor are under consideration in the current and quite similar form in any other journal.
4. Authors are instructed not to use any kind of abusive, insulting or illegal language in any place of the manuscripts or in the process of correspondence.
5. The manuscripts submitted to the Taleemat will be reviewed under the blind peer review process. Upon the submission, the manuscript is sent to the expert reviewers who submit their review reports in a specific time period. Thus, authors are informed accordingly to revise, recheck and resubmit their manuscripts to complete the publication process.
6. Authors and reviewers are expected to have no potential conflict of interest.
7. Authors are ensured that the editors have all rights reserved with respect to reject or accept the manuscript.
8. Reviewers are encouraged to critically review the manuscripts and provide constructive review reports in order to contribute towards the body of knowledge.
9. The content in the form of table, figure, chart, graph, illustration and quotation can be reproduced without any charges but with appropriate acknowledgement.
10. Authors can produce photocopy of their own material with the credit line; “Copyright by the Alumni Association of Institute of Education and Research, University of the Punjab Lahore- Pakistan; reproduced with the permission from the publisher”. Written permission must be obtained to reproduce or reprint material in circumstances other than those described above.

Plagiarism Policy
The Taleemat strictly follows the policy of original work. It follows zero plagiarism policy. It is the responsibility of author(s) to ensure that there is no plagiarism in the work submitted. Turnitin software is also used to determine any similarity and detect plagiarism. Similarity up to 19% is acceptable. Every author has to submit the Similarity Index Report generated by Turnitin. However, in case of any type of plagiarized work author (s) will be the sole responsible for this act. The Taleemat will not take any responsibility regarding the plagiarism in the paper.

All the correspondence for submission of manuscripts should be made to the Managing Editor of the Taleemat through email: taleematalumni.ier@pu.edu.pk

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