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Instructions for Authors

Author names and affiliations 
Enter author names on the title page of the manuscript in the following order:

  • First name (or initials, if used)
  • Middle name (or initials, if used)
  • Last name (surname, family name)

Authors can submit essential supporting files and multimedia files along with their manuscripts. All Information will be subject to peer review. All file types can be submitted, but files must be smaller than 10 MB in size.

Style & Format
1.         Manuscripts must be submitted in English. The Research Papers should reach the editor in “Doc”, or “Docx” formats only.
2.         Microsoft Word documents should not be locked or protected.
3.         Manuscripts can be any length between 6000 to 8000 words, number of figures, or amount of supporting information can be 6 – 8 high quality illustrations/ maps/ photos, etc.
4.         Scholars are also welcomed to submit their unpublished Fieldwork Reports of about 3000 to 5000 words with limited illustrations.


  • Use Gandhari Unicodes or Times New Roman font style.
  • Use 14pt Bold font size for Main headings.
  • Use 12pt Bold font size for Side headings.
  • Use 12pt Normal font size for text paragraphs.
  • Headings Limit manuscript sections and sub-sections to 3 heading levels. Make sure heading levels are clearly indicated in the manuscript text.
  • Manuscript text should be Single spaced. Please avoid format text in multiple columns.
  • Line Spacing – 1.2
  • Add page numbers in center of the Manuscripts.

Manuscript Organization
Manuscripts should be organized as follows. Instructions for each element appear below the -list”

  • Abstract should be first heading of the article. Its text must be italic.
  • keywords should be included after abstract

-     Introduction should be third heading of the article.

The following elements can be renamed as needed and presented in any order:
-     Materials and Methods

  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Conclusions (Optional)
  • References

Use of Tables

  • Tables are inserted immediately after the first paragraph in which they are cited.
  • Tables must have caption before the table: 8pt, bold
  • Table is centralized
  • Table font should not exceed 11pt.
  • Title row is bold
  • Place each table in your manuscript file directly after the paragraph in which it is first cited (read order). Do not submit your tables in separate files. Tables require a label (e.g., “Table 1: ”) and brief descriptive title to be placed above the table. Place legends, footnotes, and other text below the table.

Use of Figures

  • Figures must be placed at the end of references.
  • Figures must have captions, 8pt bold
  • All figures must be centralized
  • Figure files are to be in the file not uploaded separately.
  • Figure captions must be inserted with Roman numerals, and “Figure” can be abbreviated to “Fig.” (e.g. Fig. 1:, Fig. 2:, Fig. 3:, etc).

References are listed at the end of the manuscript in APA style. They are alphabetically ordered. In the text, cite the references name and year and page number within parentheses (e.g., “We used the techniques developed by our colleagues (Nadiem, et al 2000: 70-77) to analyze the data”). Ancient Punjab uses the non-numbered citation method and first six authors, et al.

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