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The University provides medical support to both resident and day scholar and also to the employees and their families. Three thousand employees of the University and their families including widows, mothers and children are enti- tied to free medical treatment. Medical facilities are extended to retired employees and their families as well.
The University Health Centre has its own Clinical Laboratory, Radiology Department Ophthalmology Unit and Dental Clinic. Separate out- door clinics are working both at Allama Iqbla Campus and Quaid-i-Azam Campus. Emergency services are available for the University population at the Night Clinics working at the Quaid-i-Azam Campus. More than 600 patients visit different University dispensaries every day. The University has entered into contract with a number of Government hopitals to facilitate the provision of indoor treatment to its patients.
In addition to the provision of above facil- ities, preventive aspects of medicine is being given prime importance. A vaccination centre under the Government's EPI (expanded program for immuni- sation) has been established at Quaid-i-Azam Campus.
The University Health Centre arranges a number of lectures and seminars to create public awareness about common diseases like Diabetes mellitus, heart diseases and Asthama, etc. In these lectures information about methods of prevention against these diseases is provided to the University population.
The standard of hygiene and cleanliness in different hostels and food stalls functioning on the Campus is also continuously monitored. The Health Centre ensures supply of wholesome and clean drinking waterfor the University population.
For the above purposes the University has established model health services. At present the medical staff consists of one Chief Medical Officer, (consultant Physician), one Deputy Chief Medical Officer, two Senior Medical Officers, two lady Medical Officers, five Medical Officers, one Dental Surgeon, one Ophthalmologist and one part-time Radiologist.

The medical cover being provided to University employees and students includes:

i. Medical advice and consultation
ii. Gynaecological and ante natal management,
iii. Dental Care,
iv. Ophthalmic care,
v. Provision of required medicines,
vi. Hospitalisation expenses are also covered by the University, Ambulance service,
vii. Diagnostic facilities including E.C.G. X-Ray, a clinical laboratory and ultra sonography,
viii. Short wave diathermy and physiotherapy.


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