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School of Biochemistry & Biotechnology

The objectives of the Institute are coherent with our national intentions to develop the field of science and particularly biotechnology. The Institute endeavors to provide a promising environment to pursue academic and research activities. The Institute intends to establish academic linkages with other institutes and organizations for collaboration of research programs.

The Institute of Biochemistry and Biotechnology started its academic programs in 1997. There was a long awaited need of providing adequate infrastructure at this University for undertaking teaching and research in biochemistry and biotechnology. Efforts are underway to provide first-rate teaching and research facilities in these disciplines.
The academic programs of the Institute are designed to meet the needs of well-trained manpower to serve the sectors of health, agriculture, industry and education in the country. A highly qualified faculty, a well-designed building, adequate laboratory, modem library facilities and a stimulating environment ensure the recognition of the Institute as center of excellence in the fields of biochemistry and biotechnology.
Owing to the enormous advances made during recent decades, biochemistry has become the milestone of all biological sciences. In this age of biochemistry, cell biology along with recombinant DNA technology, protein chemistry and computational biology have helped to reveal the molecular mechanisms of fundamental biological processes. Biotechnology deals with the scientific manipulation of living organisms and biological processes to solve problems and produce useful products. The fusion in the late 1970s between recombinant DNA technology and traditional industrial microbiology has rejuvenated this discipline with tremendously vast potential of applications.

Faculty Members and Research Contribution
Institute has strength of 16 faculty members who have PhD and post-doctoral training from top ranking foreign universities like Cambridge, ETH Zurich, Uppsala, Lund, Leiden Leicester and Sussex. Further three more faculty members are about to pursue their Ph.D. from Swedish, Austrian and German universities.
All faculty members are actively engaged in research in multiple disciplines like Production of Biopharmaceuticals, Cancer cell Biology, Molecular Immunology, Bioinformatics, Animal and Plant cell culture, Drug designing, Protein engineering, Molecular genetics, Clinical Biochemistry and Industrial Biotechnology. Faculty members are publishing their articles in well reputed high impact factor journals like Nature Biotechnology, Nature Methods, FEBS, International Journal of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Plos I, Enzyme and Microbial Technology, Human Genetics, Eukaryotic cell, Journal of Endocrinology etc.

Currently, four programs i.e. BS, M.Sc., MS and PhD in Biochemistry and Biotechnology disciplines, enrolling around 600 students, are successfully being taught. A number of students have availed full bright, IRSIP, and Student-exchange program scholarship. In this regard our students have got access to institutes like Uppsala University, St. Cloud State University, Cologne University. Our graduates are pursuing PhDs in well-known universities like Cambridge, York, Max Planck Institute and many more.

Co-Curricular Activities
The students of the Institute also remain actively engaged in co-curricular activities, which are necessary for developing their physical and mental capabilities. For this purpose sports week is organized annually and student’s participation is worth seeing. Tours are arranged on regular basis. For character building and mentoring, tutorial are organized weekly to help solve the problems of students and to inculcate moral values in them. Al important days and events like Quaid day, Iqbal day, Independence day etc. are celebrated with full enthusiasm.

Alumini and Futur Perspective
On account of high-class training provided, our graduates are highly competitive with others in the job market. Excellent career opportunities therefore await the graduates qualifying from this Institute. Our alumni are working in ICI, LUMS, Punjab forensic agency, different research organizations like CEMB, PCSIR, Food industry, Fermentation industry, Drug testing laboratories, Hospitals, Diagnostic labs, Colleges through Punjab Public Service Commission, Pharmaceutical industry and a number of Foreign universities as researcher and faculty members. The graduates of the Institute are able to fill up the existing vacuum of well-trained manpower in the sectors of agriculture, health, industry and education.

PU SBB is organising a one day Symposium and three days hands-on training Workshop entitled "Multi-omics Big Data Analyses Boot Camp (MBDABC-2022)"

Instructions, Venue and Seating Plan for Admission Test Fall 2022
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MS Biochemistry and Biotechnology Admission - 2022-23
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