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School of Communication Studies

It was the first Department of Journalism in the Indo-Pak subcontinent when established in 1941. Its nomenclature was changed in 1985 from Journalism Department to Mass Communication Department. Located on the right bank of beautiful Lahore Canal, the Department now become Institute has an excellent academic environment. Students enjoy all, university facilities i.e. transport, medical, hostel residence, main library membership, study and excursion tours, and sports facilities. First semester normally starts on third Monday of September.Second semester ends on Saturday of the 2nd week of June.
      Institute of Communication Studies offers BS (Hons.), M.S, M. Phil and Ph.D. programs in Communication Studies. M.S and M.Phil are four-semester two-year programmers. Ph. D. programs requires two semester (one year) class work and then three to five years for research work. M.S Communication Studies is four sequence programs.
      After studying core (compulsory) courses during the first semester, students can select any one area of specialization from the four sequences. The same four sequences are also offered in the evening time as self-supporting programs.
      With the facilities of a modem departmental library, Photo Lab. Computer Lab., and Video Editing Lab., the Institute has very experienced and qualified faculty. There are six Ph. D and one M. Phil in its permanent faculty of nine. Special lecturers of top most professionals are also arranged frequently.

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Revised Schedule, Test Pattern and Venue of Entry Test for Admission in PhD and M.Phil Communication Studies

Entry Test Result of M.Phil. / Ph.D. in Communication Studies 2021 (For candidates having 16 years of education)

Entry Test Result of Ph.D. in Communication Studies 2021 (For candidates having 18 years of education)


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