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Department of Plant Pathology

The key concern in sustaining a high level of crop production is associated with the crop protection from disease losses, ranging up to 40%. Plant diseases have always been a threat to the world's food security. The Department of Plant Pathology at Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, University of the Punjab focuses on the development of innovative and sustainable disease management strategies. The research groups are working efficiently to provide solutions of existing disease epidemics along with the development of methodologies and products for commercial applications. Diverse research groups of the department are working on both basic and applied research. Fundamental research includes studying the plant-microbe interactions; physiology of diseased plants; post-harvest pathological concerns and efficacy of biological control under current regime of agricultural practices. In addition to that, the potential of natural products as well as biological control agents, their advantages and disadvantages are widely explored both in the field and under controlled environmental facilities available in the Department of Plant Pathology. While, on the applied side, we tackle current issues in crop protection by deploying molecular techniques like Genome editing, RNAi and nanotechnology along with the development and utilization of novel organic materials against economically important plant pathogens. Department also conveys information relevant to society through effective outreach and services that address plant health, food safety and environmental health to the farmers, locals and the World.
Use of hands-on experiences in our classrooms and laboratories, together with excellent research and internship opportunities ensure that our graduates gain experience with the concepts and the technologies essential for prevention, assessment, and abatement of phyto-pathological problems. Our graduates often enter careers in industry or government sector associated with the prevention and remediation of biotic hazards, as well as in educational and research institutes within and out of the country.
The Department of Plant Pathology is a vibrant research community. Our faculty are leaders in their respective fields. The Department of Plant Pathology possesses excellent laboratories and equipment to facilitate cutting-edge research.

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