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(Vol. 20, No. 2, 2019)
Land Acquisition: an appraisal perspective of parliamentary inroads and judicial paradigms in Pakista
by Iftikhar Ahmad Tarar
The Role of Biraderies in the Politics of Faisalabad Division
by Ayub Anwar
Critical Analysis of Political Security of Christians in Pakistan
by Umbreen Javaid , Iqra Jalal
Liability for Defective Pharmaceutical Products in Pakistani Law
by Muhammad Akbar Khan, Khalil Kundi, Lutfullah Saqib
Public Policy and Journalists' Perception in Pakistan
by Muhammad Jawed Aslam, Noshina Saleem,Muhammad Zakria Zakar
Colonization as an Emasculating Experience: The Symbolic Castration of the Colonized Men in Pre/Partition Fiction
by Fatima Syeda, Rizwan Akhtar
Historical and Contemporary Factors of the Prostitution: A Quantitative Comparison
by Muhammad Ahtasham Jan Butt, Rizwan Akhtar
A holistic view of Local Governments Acts in Pakistan. Analysis of Punjab Local Government Plans 2001 & 2013
by Amjad Abbas Khan, Samia Jamshed
U.S. Initiatives for the Settlement of Kashmir Dispute in Cold War Period
by Ahmad Ejaz, Lubna Zaheer, Naeem Qazi
Impact of the Performance of Pakistan's People Party On the General Elections of 2013
by Karim Haider Syed, Naudir Bakht
Marketing of Education: Semiotic Analysis of Allied School and The Educators Paid Advertisements on Pakistani Television Channels
by Ayesha Ashfaq, Savera Shami, Saba Ijaz
Factors Affecting Service Sector's Contribution To GDP in Pakistan
by Kashif Rathore , Rubab Shahid, Kashif Ali, Aamir Saeed
Impact of Caste and Biradari System on Voting Behavior: Comparative Study of Rural and Urban Southern Punjab (District Bahawalpur)
by Nazir Hussain Shah, Naudir Bakht
Dearth of Women Political Participation: A Hurdle in the Way of National Integration in Pakistan
by Sobia Naseer , Ruqia Kalsoom
Role of Entertainment-Education Dramain Awareness-raising amongst Young Women in Paki`stan
by Qurrat-ul-Ann Malik, Aniqa Ali, Ayesha Sadaf
Agitational Politics in Pakistan: Refocusing on the Movement for Restoration of Democracy 1981
by Ahmad Hassan, Muhammad Iqbal Chawla, Abdul Majid Khan
An Assessment of Etiology of Entrepreneurial Education in Universities of Punjab, Pakistan
by Irfan Mahmood Janjua , Muhammad Farooq  

Sufism: Practices at Sufi Shrines in Punjab: (A Case Study of Baba Lasoori Shah, Lyallpur)
by Abdul Qadir Mushtaq, Zil-Huma Rafique Fariha Sohil
Students' Perception of Terrorism and Liberal Narrative in Pakistan
by Ruqia Rehman, Ghulam Murtaza, Fida Muhammad
Clicking Responses on Social Media: Analysis of Audience Engagement on Posts and Tweets of MNAs of Pakistan
by Savera Shami
What Determines the Global Terrorism? An Empirical Investigation for Developed and Developing Countries
by Farhat Rasul , Nasir Iqbal
Development-centered Mainstreaming of the Marginalized: Re-defined Landscape of Social Policy in Pakistan
by Syed Salman Hassan, Syeda Mahnaz Hassan
Exploring Chronotopal Politics in Hindu Indian Culture Incorporating Muslim Traits in Anita Desai's Clear Light of Day as a Nexus for Indo-Pak Dialogue
by Syrrina Ahsan Ali Haque, Rizwan Akhtar
An Investigation of the Flouting of Grice's Maxims with Reference to Capital TalkShow on Geo TV Private Channel of Pakistan
by Muhammad Asif , Deng Zhiyong, Samrina Majeed, Samma Faiz Rasool, Maria Nisar
The Provincial Elections of 1936-37: Sikandar-Jinnah Pact and the Party Politics in the British Punjab
by Maqbool Ahmad Awan
Thematic Analysis Effects of Women Empowerment on Household Decision Making in Pakistan
by Sana Ejaz, Muhammad Farooq
Socio-Economic Assessments and Living Standards of Kashmiri MigrantsLiving in Camps in Muzaffarabad (AJ&K;)
by Raja Nazakat Ali , Abdul MajidDar, Asghar Iqbal
War on Terror and its Impacts on Pakistani Society
by Syed Ali Raza, Muhammad Iqbal Chawla, Amjad Abbas Magsi, Abdul Basit Mujahid, Farzana Arshad, Nasir Khan
Institutional Development of Legislation in Punjab 1849-1947: An Historical Analysis
by Kalsoom Hanif , Abdul Basit Mujahid, Muhammad Abrar Ahmad, Shahbaz Ali, Sana Zaheer
Politics and Religion in Colonial Punjab: A case study of Mianwali
by Saadia Sumbal
Minimizing Online Risks: Qualitative Study of Teenagers' Online Exposure and Parental Internet Mediation
by Sarosh Iqbal, Rubeena Zakar
Equity Pedagogy in Burgeoning Culture of Tolerance in Higher Education Institutions: A Perspective of Teachers
by Samina Ashraf, Muhammad Uzair-ul-Hassan
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