Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research
  Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research
  Published by: College of Statistical Sciences
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Instructions for Authors
  All material submitted for publication should be sent exclusively to the Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research. Work which has already been reported in a published paper or is described in a paper sent or accepted elsewhere for publication should not be submitted. However, a complete report following publication of a preliminary report, usually in the form of an abstract, or a paper that has been presented at a scientific meeting, if not published in full in a proceedings or similar publication, may be submitted. Press reports of meetings will not be considered as breach of this rule, but such reports should not be amplified by additional data or copies of tables and illustrations. In case of doubt, a copy of the published material should be included with a manuscript to help the editors decide how to deal with the matter.

Articles are accepted with the understanding that they have not been published or accepted for publication elsewhere.

Manuscripts must be typed in font 12 (Times New Roman) , single-spaced throughout, including the reference section.

Abstract: Papers should be accompanied by an abstract not exceeding 100-150 words and provide maximum of 5 keywords. It should be couched in simple language setting forth the object of the investigation and the results achieved.

Length of the manuscript should not exceed 25-30 pages. Footnotes should be avoided unless absolutely essential.

Methods: Procedures described in sufficient detail to allow other workers to reproduce the results. References to established methods should be given. References and brief description for methods that have been published but are not well known should be provided.

Tables: Each table should be typed on a separate sheet and should be provided with title. Tables should be numbered consecutively

References: References should be normally given at the end of text in the order (a) author or authors (b) year of publication (c) title of article (d) abbreviated name of the Journal (e) volume (f) page/s. Should be numbered in alphabetical order.

Acknowledgement: Any acknowledgements authors wish to make should be included in a separate headed section at the end of the manuscript.

The decision to accept or reject a paper for publication in the Journal rests fully with the Editorial Board.

Citations in text:

1.        Multiple citations within parentheses should be divided by a comma, not a semi-colon, and there should be no use of '&' within such multiple references. References to works published in the same year should be cited as, e.g. (Smith 1991a, b).

 2.        Multiple citations within a text should be ordered by date, not alphabetically by author's name, e.g. (Smith 1902, Jones and Bower 1934, Brown 1955, 1958a, b, Green 1995).

 3.        et al. may be used in citations within the text when a paper or book has three or more authors, but note that all names should be given in the reference itself.

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