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Pak. J. Pharm. 25 (1&2;) 2012
In vitro interaction between trimethoprim and some antacids and edible clay
by Eraga, Sylvester Okhuelegbe and Iwuagwu, Magnus Amara

Reduction of chemical and biochemical oxygen demand after treatment of pharmaceutical effluents
by Sheikh Akhter Hussain, Tariq Mahmood and Afsheen Ahsan

Assessment of risk factors and complications of diabetes mellitus in different stages of hypertension: a retrospective cohort study from a major metropolitan city of pakistan
by Zikria Saleem, Saima Hussain, Rabia Kanwal, Samra Liaqat, Afsheen Asghar, Hijab Idrees, Furqan Khurshid Hashmi, Nouman Saleem, Inaam ur Rehma and Muhammad Islam1

Improved and economical synthesis of cefazolin sodium
by Sheikh Akhter Hussain, Tariq Mahmood and Nauman Chawala

Pharmacognostical and phytochemical studies of Oxalis corniculata
by Irfan Sohail, Muhammad Tanveer Khan, Fakhra Zahid, Sohail Amjad, Romia Javed, Surriya Naheed, Khalid Hussain

Prescription patterns of antihypertensives and drug utilisation in a general hospital in minna, Niger state, Nigeria
by Eraga Sylvester Okhuelegbe, Odili, Valentine Uche, Iwuagwu, Magnus Amara and Igodo, Johnson Orite

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Pak. J. Pharm. 25 (1&2;) 2012
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