Secondary Education Journal
  Secondary Education Journal
  Published by: Department of Secondary Education
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Secondary Education Journal (SEJ) is the official journal of Department of Secondary Education, Institute of Education and Research (IER) published since 2012. It publishes peer reviewed scholarly research in the field of Education and social sciences. All articles/contributions submitted to the SEJ are blind reviewed by a panel of reviewers. It is published annually.Our online publication has been recorded permanently in the ISSN Register as follows:
ISSN 2411-488X
Key title: Secondary education journal (Online)
Abbreviated key title: Second. educ. j. (Online)

Editorial Scope

In the SEJ we publish scholarly essays, reviews, critiques, theoretical and conceptual articles and original research articles that contribute to understand issues, problems, and research concerning various aspects of education particularly in Pakistani context. From meta-analyses of studies probing the effectiveness of teaching methods to historical examinations of textbook standards, the journal provides insightful explorations of new educational concepts and accepted educational practices. The journal, however, prefer to publish articles whose primary purpose is to report the methods and results of an empirical study.

Teachers, teacher educators, educational psychologists, researchers, curriculum planners, administrators, social scientists and policymakers are the primary audience of this journal.

Guidelines for Submitting Manuscripts
See inside back cover for detailed guidelines for submitting the manuscripts.

Responsibility of Published Work
Material, ideas and views expressed in the papers published in the SEJ is the sole responsibility of the author. It does not necessarily reflect opinion/policy of the Department.

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