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Vol. Special- 2019

Role of Middle Class in Bringing Democratic Governance in Pakistan
by Aleeza Ehsan

Underlying Implicating factors of U.S. War on Terror and its Unintended Consequences for Pakistan
by Asifa Jahangir

Gendered Discourse on Human Security: Women's contribution towards Peace Building in South Asia
by Ayra Indrias Patras

Role of Youth in the Promotion of Good Governance in Pakistan
by Dr. Sarwat Rauf

Human Security in South Asia: Characterizing Traditional and Non-traditional Security Threats
by Inayat Kalim, Sohail Ahmad, Arshad Bashir

An Enigma of Pak-Afghan Border Security
by Dure Shahwar Bano

Asian Space Race is Rhetoric or Reality: Implication for South Asia
by Fazal Abbas Awan

Civic Governance: Neglected Dimension of Framework of Good Governance and Democratization in Pakistan
by Dr. Fauzia Ghani and Komal Ashraf Qureshi

Water War Thesis: Perspective from South Asia
by Muhammad Imran Mehsud and Tariq Anwar Khan

Governance and Ethno-Nationalism: Analyzing role of intellgentsia in shaping Pashtun Ethno-Nationalism
by Niaz Muhammad

Political Culture and Voting Behavior; A Case Study of Parsi Community in Pakistan
by Zainab Asif Dar and Asma Awan

United States Dilemma of Strategic Alliance with Pakistan: From 'Policy of Containment' to 'War against Terrorism'
by Dr. Adam Saud, Dr. Tauqeer Hussain Sargana and Dr. Mujahid Hussain Sargana

Pakistan's Internal Security Paradox: Challenges & Implications
by Dr. Asif Salim and Muhammad Azeem

Democratization of Afghanistan and Karzai Regime
by Mussarat Jabeen and Usman Shauket

Conflict Management and Good Governance in Pakistan: Lessons from Germany
by Moonis Ahmar

The Saga of Candid Political Struggle of Benazir Bhutto to Restore Democracy in Pakistan
by Muhammad Azeem and Dr. Asif Salim

The Socialist Sufi of Sindh: Social Justice and Radical Democracy in 17th Century Sindh
by Raza Naeem

Democratic Peace in South Asia
by Ross Masud

China's economic engagement strategy towards Special Economic Zones: from North Korean experiences to CPEC
by Théo Clement, PhD

US Foreign Policy towards India in Post 9/11 Era: Implications for South Asian Security
by Usman Shaukat and Mussarat Jabeen

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