Pakistan Economic and Social Review
  Pakistan Economic and Social Review
  Published by: School of Economics
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Volume 40, No. 2 (Winter 2002)
Economic Options for Agricultural Production in Saline Areas of Pakistan
by  Shaukat Ali Shahid, Hafeez ur Rehman and Muhammad Afzal
Rural Institutions, Access to Primary Assets and Poverty in Two Villages in Cameroon
by Francis Menjo Baye
A Study of Rice in the Major Growing Countries of the World: Their Growth Instability and World Share
by Muhammad Pervez Wasim
Price and Income Effects on Urban Undernutrition
by Haroon Jamal
Impact of Monetary Policy on Monetary Assets in Pakistan: A Money Multiplier Approach (1980-81 to 1999-2000)
by Hafeez ur Rehman and Imtiaz Ahmed
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