Al-Hikmat: A Journal of Philosophy
  Al-Hikmat: A Journal of Philosophy
  Published by: Department of Philosophy
  ISSN- 1993-3789
ESSN- 1993-7695
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Instructions for Author


  1. Al-Hikmat: A Journal of Philosophy is a bilingual journal that accepts manuscripts in both English and Urdu languages. At present, Al-Hikmat is being published annually, however, it will be biannual in near future.

  2. Al-Hikmat accepts the manuscripts written in English or Urdu language ranging from 3500 to 4500 words with an abstract ranging from 200-250 words. The abstract should have 5-7 keywords. Manuscript text must be saved in latest Microsoft Word version in British English, Font style for English is Times New Roman with 12 points Font size and for Urdu isNastaleeq with 14 Font size. Manuscript text should be prepared in block writing with a space between two paragraphs. Long direct quotations should be avoided. Font size for Endnotes is 10 for English, and 12 for Urdu.

  3. A title page should be written carrying the title of the article, author's full name, institutional affiliation, mailing address and any other information that the author may wish to provide with the article.

  4. Al-Hikmat accepts only those manuscripts strictly followed The Chicago Manual of Style, 17th edition, published in 2017, for the language, reference citations and bibliography. It accepts the Numbered Notes Reference System, and the notes should not be given in Footnotes but in Endnotes before Bibliography. This means that separate endnotes and bibliography should be given at the end of the manuscript. Quoted material should have full location reference. The use of op. cit., ibid. and idem., should be avoided.

  5. It is to be strictly noted that the manuscripts submitted to Al-Hikmat have not already been published and are not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

  6.  Publication of material in the journal means that the author assigns copyright to Al-Hikmat including the right to electronic publishing. Authors may, however, use their material in other publications acknowledging Al-Hikmat as the original place of publication.

  7. The Editors reserve the right to copy-edit and make necessary alterations to the material submitted for publication. The Editors also reserve the right to modify or omit the material deemed inappropriate for publication. Responsibility for the opinions expressed in the articles and for the accuracy of the stated facts rests solely with the authors and not with the Department of Philosophy or the Editorial Board.

  8. Manuscripts strictly fulfilling the above said parameters can be sent to the editor of Al-Hikmat through E-mail:

  9. Contributions and all editorial correspondence should be sent to the Editor, Al-Hikmat: A Journal of Philosophy, Department of Philosophy, University of the Punjab, Quaid-e-Azam Campus, Lahore-54590, Pakistan, phone: +92(042)99230884.
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