Journal of Pakistan Vision
  Journal of Pakistan Vision
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Vol. 22, No. 1, 2021
Post COVID-19: Reshaping the Globe
by Muhammad SaleemMazhar, Naheed S. Goraya, Samee Ozair Khan
Chinese Language Learning during Covid- 19: A Pakistani Perspective
by Amna Umer Cheema , Hira Rao
The Controversy on Election Rigging as Reason of Martial Law in Pakistan: An Appraisal of Events from March to July 1977
by Rizwan Ullah Kokab
Re-contextualising the Zia-Junejo Confrontation and its Ramification on the Civil-Military Relations
by Muhammad Saleem Akhtar, Muhammad Iqbal Chawla, Rukhsana Iftikhar

Iconography of Pensive Buddhisattave and Great Renunciation: Examples from Miniture Portable Shrines from Gandhara
by Muhammad Hameed, Rabiqa Abid Bukhari
A Comparison between the British Colonisation And Chinese Neocolonialism: A Case Study of Pakistan
by Khushboo Ejaz, Zainab Ali
The Nuclear Deal of Iran and Aftermath
by Karim Haider Syed
GILGIT-BALTISTAN: A Land of Survival & Revival for Pakistan
by Khawaja Zahid Aziz, Anees ur Rasheed Hashmi, Noreen Iqbal Swati
Honour Killing in Punjab: Reasons and Implications
by Humera Malik , Rukhsana Iftikhar
History and significant features of ͑Ālamgīri gate, Lahore Fort
by Rahat Afza, Ahmed Muiz
Pakistan General Elections 1988: An Analytical Study on the 'Bipolarization' of the National Electorate
by Muhammad Mumtaz Ali Khan, Mazher Hussain
Films and Movies as Cultural Representatives of the Nations: An Appraisal of Pakistan and China
by Zhang Xuepei, Jalal Bohier
Left Politics in the Punjab: An Overview of the Political Journey of Mian Iftikhar-ud- Din (1908-1962)
by Himayatullah Yaqubi, Anam Shehzadi
Gendered Analysis of Across Parties Electoral Manifestos in Pakistan
by Nayab Javed, Ra'ana Malik
Challenges for Women Empowerment in Pakistan: Archival Data
by Farah Adil, Shehla A.Yasin,Sarah Shahed
Politics of Ethno-nationalism in Balochistan: Impacts on Good Governance
by Muhammad Hassan , Amir Jan, Sadia Mahmood
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