The University of Punjab established in Lahore in 1882 which is comprises of five campuses, 19 Faculties, 08 Constituent Colleges and 138 departments, centers, and institutes. It has more than fifty thousand enrolled students. Career Counseling & Placement Centre was established in 2003, and its purpose is to provide Career Counseling & Placement services to the students, and employees of the Punjab University regarding their personal, professional and career development.  

Employability is a key concern in education these days; having good knowledge in the respective fields of academic disciplines is not enough. Therefore, it is significant to equip with some other qualities that employers value, as employability ratio of graduates is one of the essential gauges for evaluating success of an academic institution of higher education these days.

It is my utmost pleasure to welcome you to the Career Counseling and Placement Center (CCPC). Career Counseling & Placement Centre is continuously providing employability skills and also helping in Career Placement to our potential graduates. Thousands of our graduates have applied for various Jobs though Career Counseling & Placement Centre. We are also continuously offering trainings to graduates regarding employability skills with the help of highly professionals through joint sessions. We are also conducting one to one session with our student(s) for their career development.

At the end, I am optimistic that academia industry networking and our potential training sessions will certainly bring a new life in Punjab University and potential graduates with market driven education will certainly be very productive for Industry and this will ultimately contribute a lot in Nation building.

I wish you all the very best in all your future endeavors

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Contact Address

Career Counseling & Plaecment Centre
First Floor, Undergraduate Block, Quaid-e-Azam (New) Campus, Lahore, 54590 - Pakistan.

Ph: 99230415