University of the Punjab is ranked as one of the most prestigious institutions of Indo-Pak subcontinent. It was always renowned for its excellent academic traditions and achievements, educational opportunities for all and commitment to providing education at a postgraduate level.       With such an educational background and legacy the Department of Geography was formally established at the University of the Punjab in October 1944. The aim was to introduce and promote postgraduate education in the discipline of Geography.

      Dr, Kazi Saeeduddin Ahmad, an eminent geographer and scholar of Aligarh University was entrusted the task of organizing and managing the department. He joined the department as Reader on 8th December 1944. He was subsequently appointed as the first Head of Geography Department on 20th April. 1945; and continued in this capacity till his retirement in September, 1966. The introduction and early development of Geography as a scientific discipline and subsequent growth as a reputable department providing quality education in geography is all a tribute to the organizational scholarly and administrative genius of Dr. Kazi Saeeduddin Ahmad. This department also enjoys the distinction of not only being a pioneer in the field of Geography but also as one of the few departments in Punjab University belonging to its pre-independence era.

      During the struggle for independence, it attained the singular distinction of playing a pivotal role in the Muslim Nation's struggle for independence when it assisted the All India Muslim League in vociferously and successfully countering the misleading Hindu-British propaganda that "India was geographically one and therefore Indivisible into two states". At independence this was the only geography department in Pakistan offering graduate work at both aster's and Doctorate levels. Capable and dedicated people on the basis of the merit and seniority have guided the department throughout its formative and progressive years. Upholding the democratic traditions, in 1973 the system of rotation of the post of Chairperson amongst the three senior most teachers of the department was introduced under the University of Punjab, Act 1973.