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Instructions for Author

Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.

  • Attach your Resume/CV along with your Research Manuscript.
  • Enter your Whatsapp number below for communication with the Editor.
  • There is no Article Processing or Submission Charges in RSP

Manuscript Preparation

Language: All manuscripts should be in English language (UK English). Research papers should be thoroughly checked by the author(s) to avoid grammatical, typographical, and syntax errors. Scholarly language and subject-related terminology should be used as the readers of RSP belong to a scholarly audience. Authors should focus on content, style, integration of ideas, higher-order thinking skill of analysis, and novel arguments.

Manuscripts should be typed double-spaced with at least a one-inch margin on all sides.

Times New Roman 12-point is recommended for text, tables, and figures. The sections may include Title page, abstract, keywords, introduction, history, methodology, present status, text, references, tables, and figures, comparison and analysis, conclusion. The page numbers of the entire manuscript should be at the bottom right corner of each page.

Title Page Should Contain Title of the manuscript, Author(s) (names with superscripts representing their affiliation clearly marked *corresponding author with Telephone, Fax and E-mail address.

Abstract: On a separate page (200-250 words) with Keywords (3-5).

Tables: On a separate page, numbered as appearing in the text bearing title (bold) and legend underneath.

Figures: On separate page, numbered as appearing in the text Fig. 1 and so on.

References: Should be as per Chicago Manual of Style (Serialized end notes with specified information about the reference

Instructions for Author

The author needs to assure that the following requirements are fulfilled:

  1. The contributors to the journal should ensure that their research work does not infringe on the rights of vulnerable and marginalized groups of the population.
  2. Their work is not submitted elsewhere for publication.
  3. It is the author's own research and analysis and makes an original contribution to historical scholarship.
  4. The research is properly situated in the historical and historiographical context.
  5. To check the originality of the work the originality detection software Turnitin would be used.
  6. The number of authors must not be more than three.
  7. The title should clearly represent the manuscript avoiding ambiguities. The article should be between 5000 to 7000 words.  
  8. Abstract should explain the main intent, scope and significance of the paper. It should clearly explain the employed methodological procedures, major findings, theoretical as well as practical implications of the study, conclusions and relevant recommendations.
  9. All articles must follow the latest Chicago Manual Citation style (popularly known as Turabian manual) and formatting guidelines. Bibliographies and endnotes should be place at the end of the article.
  10. Utmost care should be taken in submitting statistical data for publication. All headings, columns, rows, symbols, units of measurement, periods, political and geographical areas, and sources should be clearly stated in each statistical table. Tables, maps, and diagrams should be numbered and given at the end of the article. They should be clearly drawn so that they are suitable for printing
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