Journal of Behavioural Sciences
  Journal of Behavioural Sciences
  Published by: Institute of Applied Psychology
Frequency: Biannually  

Aims and Scope
  The Journal of Behavioral Sciences is a rigorously peer-reviewed scholarly publication with a definitive objective: to disseminate cutting-edge research within the realm of Applied Psychology on a global scale. We envision our journal as a robust platform that facilitates the exchange of insights among national and international researchers, fostering an environment conducive to cross-cultural investigations.

Our ambit extends beyond conventional boundaries, as we actively promote the inclusion of qualitative research and case studies. By doing so, we endeavor to shed light on the intricate interplay of psychosocial processes within various social contexts. Our aspiration is to carve a scholarly niche that not only advances knowledge but also amplifies understanding by delving into the nuanced complexities of behavior within real-world frameworks.
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Volume 34, No. 1, 2024
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Volume 33, No. 2, 2023
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