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  Punjab University Journal of Zoology
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(Formerly Bulletin of the Department of Zoology, University of the Punjab, Lahore: New Series)

Punjab University Journal of Zoology is continuation of old (irregular) series of the publication by the Department of Zoology, University of the Punjab , Lahore . Currently it is 6 monthly Journal covering all aspects of animal and biomedical sciences. The journal replaced the irregular publication “Bulletin of the Department of Zoology (New Series)” , which ceased its publication in 1983. This Bulletin (New Series) was the replacement of “Bulletin of Department of Zoology, First Published in 1931, The details of which are given below. The journal and following publications are offered in exchange for publication of learned societies institutions and universities.

Bulletin of the Department of Zoology, Punjab University

1. Fauna of Lahore. 1. Butterflies of Lahore, by D.R. Puri. Vol.1, pp.1-61 (Plates I-IV), 1931.
2. Fauna of Lahore. 2. Entomostraca (water-fleas) of Lahore, by G.I. Arora. Vol.1, pp. 62-106 (Plates V-VIII), 1931.
3. Fauna of Lahore. 3. Preliminary notes on the life-history of the fire-fly Liuciola grorhami Rits, and the cytology of the light organs, by D.R. Methal. Vol.1, pp. 107-118 (Plates IX-X), 1932. 4. Fauna of Lahore.
4. Spiders of Lahore, by S. Dyal. Vol.1, pp. 119-252 (Plates XI-XVII), 1935.
5. Fauna of the Dal Lake, Kashmir, 1. One some leeches, from the Dal Lake, Kashmir, by M.L. Bhatia. Vol.II, pp. 1-17 (Plate I), 1939.
6. Fauna of Lahore. 5. Fishes of Lahore, by N. Ahmad. Vol.1, pp. 253-374 (49 text figures), 1943.
7. Life history and habits of Cytophora citricola (Forskal), by S. Dyal. Vol.II, pp. 18-39, 1947.

Bulletin of the Department of Zoology, Punjab University (New Series):
1. Avian cestodes from Lahore, West Pakistan, by D. Khan and Habibullah, Article 1, pp. 1-34, 1967.
2. Morphology and skeletomusculature of Caenesheria propinqua (Sars) (Conchostraca; Branchiopoda; Crustacea), by A.R. Shakoori, Article 2, pp. 1-48, 1968.
3. Termites of Malaysia. 1. Nasutegenera related to Subulitermes (Isoptera, Termitidae, Nasutitermitinae), by M. Ahmad, Article 3, pp. 1-34, 1968.
4. Helminth parasites of fishes from West Pakistan. 1. Nematodes, by D. Khan and T. Yaseen, Article 4, pp. 1-33, 1969.
5. Helminth parasites of fishes from West Pakistan. 2. Nematodes, by D. Khan and Atka Begum, Article 5, pp. 1-22, 1971.
6. The length-weight relationship and condition of seven freshwater fishes of Pakistan, by M.Y. Javaid and M. Akram, Article 6, pp. 1-27, 1972.
7. Taxonomy and Zoogeography of the termites of Bangladesh, by M.S. Akhtar, Article 7, pp. 1-200, 1975.
8. Digenetic trematodes of vertebrates from Pakistan, by M.S. Bhutta and D. Khan, Article 8, pp. 1-74, 1975.
9. Digenetic trematodes of fishes from Pakistan, by D.A. Zaidi and D. Khan, Article 9, pp. 1-56, 1977.
10. Taxonomy and distribution of Siwalik Proboscidea, by M. Sarwar, Article 10, pp. 1-172, 1977.
11. Effect of thioacetamide on the development of drosophilid fly. II. Biochemical studies, by A.R. Shakoori and A. Bakhtiar, Article 11, pp. 1-83, 1979.
12. Studies on larval Trematodes infecting freshwater snails in Pakistan. V. Furcocerocus, cercariae, by M.A. Haseeb and D. Khan, Article 12, pp. 1-57, 1982.
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