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  Pakistan Geographical Review
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Aims, Objectives and Scope
Pakistan Geographical Review is a biannual journal being published by the Department of Geography, University of the Punjab, Lahore – Pakistan. Pakistan Geographical Review, formerly known as “Punjab Geographical Review” is the first geography journal published before Independence (first published in 1942). Being renamed in 1950 as “Pakistan Geographical Review”, it acquired its International Standard Serial Number (ISSN0030-9788,0369-9331) in 2000. It is a leading and only peer-reviewed national journal of Geography in Pakistan, which presents high-quality research work on all aspects of Geography and its allied fields that have a spatial dimension.
The key rationale of the journal is that the solution to human and environmental problems, that have a spatial footing, can only be understood through proper analysis of processes governing human-environment interaction. PGR is designed to cater to the need for innovative and applied research in geography with advanced multidisciplinary approaches incorporating multidimensional research themes. Currently, PGR only publishes original research articles. PGR helps local geography specialists and researchers to collaborate and synthesize traditional and new innovative methods in the subject. This leads to an excellent blend of various geography domains and produces high quality applied researches. PGR also provides an excellent forum for the exchange of national geographical research of Pakistan with researchers all over the world. By following these traits of PGR, the government and policy makers can get help from these researches in order to implement accordingly.  The main objectives of PGR are:
To present excellent and applied research pertaining to various aspects of geography primarily focusing on Pakistan, South Asian and the neighbouring regions
To update on new geographic, environmental, climatic, cultural and social developments
To offer a platform for national and international researchers to present applied approaches to combat climate change for developing and vulnerable countries like Pakistan
PGR welcomes original articles related, but not limited, to various aspects and multifarious  domains of the subject of geography including investigation of various regions and places, geomorphology, climatology, urban ecology, environment, and sustainability, economic sustainability, spatial patterns of human geography, applications of GIS and remote sensing, ecosystem services, physio-geographical elements, natural resource management, demographic transitions, industries and settlements, landscape studies, cultural diffusion and diversity in Pakistan and other regions of the world. Along with these subfields of geography, PGR also welcomes articles related to critical discussion on standards of geographical education in the country.
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  Aims, Objectives and Scope  
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