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Vol. 48(1)(2016))

Computational Method Based on Bernstein Polynomials for Solving a Fractional Optimal Control Problem
by Mohsen Alipour, Rahmat Ali Khan, Hasib Khan and Kobra Karimi


Using a Reliable Method for Higher Dimensional of the Fractional Schr¨odinger Equation
by Nasir Taghizadeh and Mona Najand Foumani


Refinements of Hardy-type Integral Inequalities with Kernels
by S. Iqbal, K. Krulic Himmelreich and J. Pecaric


Extension of Mangat Randomized Response Technique Using Alternative Beta Priors
by A. O. Adepetun, A. A. Adewara


Numerical Solution of Nonlocal Parabolic Partial Differential Equation via Bernstein Polynomial Method
by Kobra Karimi, Mohsen Alipour and Marzieh Khaksarfard


Self-Inversive Bicomplex Polynomials
by Sara Ahmadi and Mahmood Bidkham


On G. Bennett’s Inequality
by Imran Abbas Baloch


Unitary Irreducible Representation ( UIR) Matrix Elements of Finite Rotations of SO(2; 1) Decomposed According to the Subgroup T 1
by Ansaruddin Syed


A Study of Anti-Commutativity in AG-Groupoids
by Imtiaz Ahmad, Iftikhar Ahmad and Muhammad Rashad


SEMT Labeling on Disjoint Union of Subdivided Stars
by Asghar Ali, M. Javaid and M.A. Rehman

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