Outline of Courses
1-Professional Diploma in Graphic Design
Introduction to the basics of design and colour through carefully planned studio projects. Designing of logos and stationary. Design for information, communication & persuasion with emphasis on print. The importance and significance of the built environment cannot be over-stressed. A living or working space is not just composed of walls protecting us against
2-Professional Diploma in Painting
Image and painting Techniques of Pastel Colour and Oil Painting. Varied projects designed to foster development od painting concepts. Still life landscape and portrait painting, with emphasis on composition.
3-Professional Diploma in Drawing
Study of drawing with emphasis on depictive concepts, materials, tools and techniques. Development of drawing skills starting from basic 3-D geometric forms of human figure.
Studies in various media including pencil, pastel, charcoal, Pen & ink etc. Creative drawing using new techniques and materials.
4-Professional Diploma in Computer Graphics
Introduction to the principles of design and the latest state of the art techniques of computer graphics, specially for the printing industry. Hands-on training of Free Hand and Photoshop to groom the young designers into a fully equipped professional.
5-Professional Diploma in Photography
Techniques of Photography including out-door and studio photography. Use of camera as a creative tool. Understanding of light variations. Special effect photography. Dark room techniques for B/W photography.
6-Professional Diploma in Ceramics
Basic methods of forming, decorating, glazing and firing pottery forms with an emphasis on

the use of potter's wheel. Relationship between Ceramics and Sculpture.
7-Professional Diploma in Calligraphy and Painting
Study and practice of Urdu Calligraphy with emphasis on practical excellence coupled with creativity. The following styles will be taught:-
Naskh, Advertising Naskh, Nastalique. Painting using Calligraphy.
8-Professional Diploma in Sculpture
Techniques of Clay Modeling, Modeling a head and casting it in plaster. Studio projects in figurative sculpture in various media.
9-Professional Diploma in Miniature Painting
Introduction to basic traditional miniature painting techniques enabling the students to undertake professional work in miniature painting at a later stage.
10-Professional Diploma in Textile Design
Short evening course introducing students to Basic Textile Design techniques, Silk Printing, Tie and Dye and basic weaving techniques applicable for fashion and interiors.