The College has had 44 years of successfully training the best professional artists and designers in this region. We train students to fully understand their profession and to understand that they will be the agents of change in the years to come. As artists, they will be the conscience of the society and the torch bearers of aesthetics and beauty.
As designers they will shape the future.
We ask them to know their craft so well, that their ideas can be expressed clearly, creatively, instantly and on demand. As designers, they will solve problems that affect the way people think, work, play, spend their money or change their habits. Our curriculum establishes first the broader understanding of fundamentals, then as their goal becomes apparent, organized study is focused on the particular area the students decide to pursue. Our major studies are those for which there are careers for our graduates.
None of what we are doing could have happened without the struggle and vision of Mrs. Anna Molka Ahmad, the founder of the Department of Fine Arts. She established this Institute in 1940 and made it the beacon of Art activity in the country. Her students and graduates took up assignment as art teachers in almost all the colleges of Pakistan and introduced this discipline even in small towns and localities, where it used to be considered a taboo. We have gratitude and admiration for her spirit and strength of purpose.
We feel we are perpetuating the mission she held dear, and we know that our strength lies in maintaining the standards she set.