Total Fee for B.F,A-1 RS. 9287/-
Total Fee for M.A.-1 Rs. 9157/- without registration Fee
a) Tution Fee
B.F.A. Part-I Rs. 1050/- Per annum
B.F.A. Part-II Rs. 1050/- Per annum
B.F.A. Part-III Rs. 1800/- Per annum
M.F.A. (after passing B.F.A.) Rs. 1800/- Per annum
M.A. Part I (Fine Arts) Rs. 1800/- Per annum
M.A. Part II (Fine Arts) Rs. 1800/- Per annum
b) Examination Fee
B.F.A. Part I & II Rs.1705/-
B.F.A. Part III Rs.1925/-
M.F.A. Rs.1925/-
M.A. Part I & II (Fine Arts) Rs. 1925/-
C) Head of Account
1-Admission Fee Rs.600/-_____________6-Field work study tour Rs.300/-
2-Identity Card Rs.100/-______________7-Breakage/Lab. fees Rs.1000/-
3-Bus Charges Rs.540/-______________ 8-Electricity Charges Rs.550/-
4-Medical Fee Rs.175/-_______________ 9-Registration fee Rs.1100/-
5-Library Service Rs.600/-
D) Other Charges
10-Mosque Fee Rs.50/- _____________14-Development of Sports Rs.125/-
11-Student Welfare Fund Rs.72/- _____ 15-P.U. Dev. Fund Rs.200/-
12-P.U.T.D.S.A. Rs.70/- _____________ 16-Library Security Rs.400/-
13-Sports Fund Rs.225/- ____________ 17-Department Laboratories Fee Rs300/-