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Moderating Effects of Dietary Restraint and Self-Compassion in an Expressive Writing Intervention in Southeast Asian Population
by *Dennis Relojo

Perceived Organizational Politics, Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Job Attitudes Among University Teachers
by *Mohsin Atta and Muhammad Jahanzeb Khan, PhD

Perceived Parental Rejection and Psychosocial Maladjustment: A Study of Convicts
by *Bushra Sajid and Mah Nazir Riaz, PhD

The Additive Effects of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus on Neurobehavioral Functioning of Patients Diagnosed With Myocardial Infarction
by *Rafia Rafique, PhD, Afifa Anjum, Lubna Amer

  Workplace Affect as Mediator Between Emotional Intelligence and Job Satisfaction Among Customer Service Representatives
by *Adnan Adil, PhD and Anila Kamal, PhD

Are Siblings Different as ‘Day and Night’? Parents’ Perceptions of Nature vs. Nurture
by *Fatima Kamran, PhD

  Protective Factors, Drug Use and Depression in Young Drug Users
by *Saira Khalid and Rukhsana Kausar, PhD

Mental Health Issues in Young Adults of Pakistan: The Relationship of Narcissism and Self -Esteem With Aggression
by *Moazama Anwar, Babak Mahmood, PhD and Muhammad Kashif Hanif, PhD

Mediating Role of Work Exhaustion: The Missing Linchpin to Address Employee’s Turnover
by *Irfan Saleem, PhD, Rizwan Ahmed, PhD
and Noshina Saleem, PhD
Motivation and Compensation as Predictors of Employees’ Retention: Evidence From Public Sector Oil and Gas Selling Organizations
by *Muhammad Sarmad, PhD , Muhammad Muneeb Ajmal, Muhammad Shamim, Muhammad Saleh and Almas Malik

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