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Current Issue (Volume 41, No. 1, 2019)
Writing Skills Development among Students with Deafness at Elementary Level
by Munawar Malik & Naseer ud Din

A Study of Relationship between Learning Preferences and Academic Achievement
by Sher Afgan Khan, Manzoor Hussain Arif & Muhammad Imran Yousuf

Academic Self Efficacy as a Predictor of Academic Achievement of Students in Pre Service Teacher Training Programs
by Maliha Nasir & Sarwat Iqbal

Investigating Secondary School Effectiveness: Peer-Teacher Relationship and Pedagogical Practices
by Malik Ghulam Behlol, Rafaqat Ali Akbar & Hukamdad

Relationship between the Levels of Motivation and Learning Strategies of Prospective Teachers at Higher Education Level
by Sehar Rashid & Rizwan Akram Rana

Role of High-School Teachers in Academic Decision Making Practices: A Comparative Study of Two Provinces of Pakistan
by Sadaf Zamir Ahmed, Samina Malik & Hina Zamir Ahmed

Development of Reading Skill through Activity Based Learning at Grade-VI in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
by Zahoor-ul-Haq, Bushra Ahmad Khurram & Arshad Khan Bangash

English Language Textbook and Development of Oral Communicative Competence in Grade VIII Students in Public Sector Schools in Punjab
by Naureen Mumtaz Syed, Uzma Quraishi & Asma Shahid Kazi

A Comparison of Self-Perceived Employability of Graduates from Public and Private Universities of Punjab
by Ummara Saher & Abid Hussain Ch.

Difference between Expectations and Perceptions of Students regarding Service Quality of Public Sector HEIs
by Hafiz Yasir Ali, Hafiz Fawad Ali & Muhammad Bilal Ahmad

A Study of University Teachers' Approaches to Teaching at Undergraduate Level in Punjab, Pakistan
by Tanveer Iqbal, Amna Saeed & Mumtaz Akhter

Examining Grade 9 Students' Engagement in Mathematical Problem-solving (MPS) When Working as Individuals and in a Small Group Setting
by Effat Alvi & Munaza Nausheen

Equitable Higher Education: Students' Perspective on Access to Resources, Participation, and Educational Outcomes
by Iram Parveen & Riffat-un-Nisa Awan

Patterns of Gender and Disciplinary Disparities among Postgraduate Students' Motivational Beliefs: A Multivariate Analysis
by Munaza Nausheen, Paul William Richardson & Effat Alvi

Learning Experiences and Motivation of Undergraduate Students in Pakistani EFL Classrooms: A Qualitative Study
by Muhammad Islam

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