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(Volume 27, No. 2, 2017)
Influence of Demographic Characteristics towards Emotional Burnout among Public School Teachers in Punjab
by Faiza Shaheen* and Nasir Mahmood**

Role of Head-Teachers in Sustaining Institutional Change at Elementary Level
by Ayaz Muhammad Khan*, Amna Ramzan** and Madeha Ahmad***

School Population and Teachers’ Effectiveness in Kwara State Basic Schools, Nigeria
by Oduwaiye, R. O.*, Sofoluwe, A. O.*, Akinnubi, O. P**. and Ibrahim, H. B.*

Factors Affecting Parents’ Inclination towards Private School System in Pakistan
by Nasreen Akhter*

Gender, Sector and Grade Level differences in Mathematical and Cognitive Abilities of Students at Elementary Schools in Lahore
by Muhammad Abiodullah*, Shafiqur Rehman**and Muhammad Aslam***

Effect of Brain-based Learning on Academic Achievement of VII Graders in Mathematics
by Ghazala Noureen*, Riffatun Nisa Awan,**and Hijab Fatima,***

Supporting Slow Learners’ in Learning Mathematics at Primary School Level
by Muhammad Shahid Farooq* and Shumaila Aslam**
Perceptions of Teachers Regarding US-AID Teacher Education Project on the Development of Elementary Education
by Shakeel Hussain*, Allah Noor Khan** and Liaqut Shah***

Comparison of Male and Female Teachers’ Performance Working at Elementary Level in Punjab
by Safdar Hussain*, R. A. Farooq**, Ziarab Mahmood*** and Rabia Tabassam****

Improving Students Mathematics Scores: A Comparison of Collaborative and Single Teachers Teaching
by Muhammad Zafar Iqbal* and Jahan Ara Shams**

Effect of Examination on Curriculum at Elementary Level in Punjab: A Mixed Methods Study
by Sajid Masood*, Abdul Hameed**, Ijaz Ahmad Tatlah***

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