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Current Issue
Vol. 9 Issue 1 (Summer, 2023)

Afghanistan Conundrum: Role of International Humanitarian Organizations for Regional Security and Repercussions for Pakistan
by Dr. Zainab Ahmad, Komal Ashraf Qureshi & Dr. Kanwal Hayat Khan

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law
by Dr. Muhammad Imran, Dr. Ghulam Murtiza & Muhammad Sulyman Akbar

Afghanistan A Melting Pot of Eastern and Western Interest A 21st Century Analysis
by Dr. Ammara Tabassum,Dr Usman Qais & Tahira Mumtaz

Measurement of Public Perception towards Democratizaton and Consolidated Democracy: A Case of Pakistan
by Ammara Tariq Cheema, Dr. Tahira Mumtaz & Rabia

Food Security As And National Security: A Management Approach
by Dr. Sarah Qaim, Aliza Abid Bhutta & Muhammad Zahid Jehan

Promoting the Global Peace: The Nexus between Pakistan and UNO
by Muhammad Tayyab Usman, Dr. Mukhtar Ahmad & Dr. Muhammad Munib Khalid

The Decisive Role Of Pakistan In The Afghan Peace Process
by Muhammad Usman Ullah, Areej Shahzad & Muhammad Haroon

Interplay of Language, Power and Political Discourses in Foreign Policy of Pakistan: Case Study of Speech Diplomacy of Imran Khan
by Dr Sadia Mahmood Falki & Saareena Asrar

Gwadar Port-Pakistan as an Axis for Regional Connectivity under CPEC: A Geographer’s Perspective
by Dr. Azhar Rashid & Dr. Safdar Ali Shirazi

A Culturalist Explanation of Democratic Deficit in Pakistan
by Muhammad Sajid & Farah Adeed

Geopolitical issues of Middle East and diplomatic challenges for Pakistan
by Naila Afzal & Dr. Zahid Yaseen

Online Radicalization in Pakistan: A case study of Youth in South Punjab
by Saqib Khan Warraich, Abeera Haider & Dr. Alishba Mukhtar

Religious Extremism and Community Resilience: Case Study of Pakistan
by Prof. Dr. Muqarrab Akbar, Prof. Dr Iram Khalid & Dr. Waheed Ahmad Khan

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