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Department of Electrical Engineering

Welcome to the Department of Electrical Engineering, The Electrical Engineering program is interdisciplinary, which requires a blend of knowledge from the areas of Electrical, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering. Curriculum is built on the fundamental electrical engineering principles with special emphasis on electronics, electromagnetic theory, power, microwave, fiber optics, digital design and computer networking and diagnostics. Particular attention is paid to the overgrowing field of telecommunications, especially in line of sight systems, switching principles and communication planning. Students in this program will be given an opportunity to learn and extend their abilities to analyze and solve complex problems and to design a new usage of technology to serve the today’s society.
The program will provide an integrated educational experience directed towards the development of the ability to apply pertinent knowledge to the identification and solution of practical problems in Electrical Engineering. This program will ensure that the design experience, which includes both analytical and experimental studies, is integrated throughout the curriculum in a sequential development leading to advance work. Design problems will be frequently assigned to the students in both lectures and laboratory courses.
The Department aims to achieve and maintain national and international recognition for excellence in its chosen fields and to provide a quality education for the formation of professional engineers, enabling them to fulfill their career potential and contribute to the advancement of their profession and to the welfare of society, not only in Pakistan but also for the whole World. The Department is committed to achieving these aims within the framework of a caring, friendly, learning environment. The Department of Electrical Engineering is dedicated to providing the global society with leadership technology for a broad base of commercially viable sectors. The design of course has been setup in such a way so that it can provide expertise, and in turn, job opportunities for the graduates of this department in both public and private sectors such as Pakistan Railways, Cellular Phone companies, Computer related companies, Govt and Private TV channels, SUPRACO, PTCL, Alcatel, CATI and many other organizations.

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