Estb. 1882

University of the Punjab


This Lab is used for lab work of all basic courses related to Electronics. The Electronics lab is fully equipped to provide students with an exciting environment to implement and experiment knowledge acquired in the classroom. The laboratory manuals are designed to give students the opportunity to construct circuits and comparing their practical and theoretical results involving diodes, bipolar transistors, small-signal amplifiers and operational amplifiers, Silicon Controlled Rectifiers etc.
In short this Lab has all the resources which provide an insight in the field of electronics engineering. The students are bound to perform pre-lab work before coming to the lab. The pre-lab work is a prior experiment circuit simulation work using Proteus software. It is beneficial for the students to gain reasonably rough idea on the experiment before coming into the lab and attempting the required experiment.
It also encourages students to develop keen interest towards electronics engineering and to develop small projects based on their learning. The practical work for, the subjects of Electronic Device and Circuits, Digital Electronics, Circuit Analysis I, Network Analysis and Power Electronics is carried out in this laboratory.

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