Break Fast is available on Saturday and Sunday from 8.30am to 11.00am

Pakistani Cuisine 

  Chicken Karahi 

  Chicken Qourma 

  Chicken Achari 

  Chicken Boneless Handi    

  Chicken Ginger 

  Chicken Green Chilli    

  Chicken Jalfraizi 

  Chicken Makhni Handi    

  Chicken White Gourma    

  Mutton Karahi 

  Mutton Qourma 

  Mutton White Gourma    

  Dall Mash 

  Dall Mash Achari    

  Naurtan Vegetable 

  Fish Curry 

  Desi Murghi with desi Ghee  

Live Bar B. Q.

  Chicken Leg Piece    

  Chicken Boti (8 Pc.)   

  Chicken Seekh Kabab (4 Pc.)  

  Chicken Malai Boti (6 Pc.)  

  Grilled Fish 

Chinese Cuisine 

  Chicken Manchurian 

  Chicken Roasted Almond    

  Chicken Sweet & Sour   

  Chicken Hot Garlic Sour   

  Chicken Shashlik with Fried Rice  

  Chicken Szechawan 

  Chicken Chilli Dry    

  Chicken Chaowmin 


  Chicken Biryani

  Vegetable Biryani   

  Club Special Rice    

  Egg Fried Rice    

  Chicken Fried Rice    

  Chicken Masala Rice    

  Sindhi Biryani 

  Butter Rice 

  Bar B. Q Special   

  Chicken kabab Masala    

  Degi Chargha 

  Chicken Roast 

Cold Salads 

  Fresh Salad Kachumar Salad   

  Mint Sour 


If you have any special requests, please feel free to call us. (042) 99230207