Linkages with
International Universities

  Bangladesh, Canada, China, Egypt, Germany, Hong Kong, Iran, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia,
Russia, Sweden, UK, USA, Zimbabwe

Mission Statement

A. Enhancing the University's international character and     sensitivities by recruiting and supporting faculty and staff     with international expertise, and by encouraging and     valuing the development of a nationally and culturally     diverse faculty and student body.

B. Expanding the international perspectives and cross- cultural    competence of the University's faculty and students through    the promotion of the study of foreign languages  including    but to limited to French, Spanish, Arabic, German,    Russian,Italian, Persian, etc, and local languages such as    Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashto, etc.
C. Making sure the curricula across the University is in     accordance with international standards within each subject     of study.

D. Encouraging and supporting faculty and staff participation     in international projects, programs, research and scholarly     pursuits.

E. Establishing international links and consortia with relevant     educational institutions and other organizations with the     purpose of sending our faculty to foreign universities for     the completion or enhancement of their studies.

F. Encouraging collaboration on international projects and     programs among the University's faculty members, and     among its schools and colleges.

G. Supporting the development of appropriate centers,     institutes, and other units that have an international and     intercultural focus.

Carrying out the Mission

The Directorate of External Linkages carries out the University's international proceedings, and programs, and supports global initiatives. Reporting directly to the Vice Chancellor, the Director of External Linkages manages the establishment, progress, expansion and completion of an effective strategy for the achievement of the University's international mission. This strategy includes but is not limited to:

A . Operating as the base and coordinating office for the University's various global proposals, programs, and responsibilities.

B. Maintaining records containing information on all international activities of the University, including mission, staff, budget, initiatives and projects. Establishing and maintaining information resources, including a website, that will inform faculty and students of international programs and prospects

C. Developing opportunities for the PU's students to engage in  international programs, embark on internships abroad, and complete foreign program of study. In addition, assist and encourage faculty and staff participation in international projects, programs, research and academic pursuits.

D. Supporting faculty and staff in obtaining grants and scholarships for international pursuits.

E. Providing support services for the University's international students, faculty, and staff and those that might need it when abroad.


(Friday, June 18, 2021):
PU, CWSA To Work For Social Welfare:

(Wed, June 16, 2021):
PU, NDU join hands to serve country, nation :

(Thuesday, June 15, 2021):
PU, Turkish varsity sign MoU:

(Monday, May 31, 2021):

LAHORE: (Thu, April 08, 2021):
PU, Majlis Tarraqi-e-Adab sign MoU

(Wed, Feb 10, 2021):
MoU btw Center for Global & Strategic Studies and Regional Integration Center, PU

(Sat, Jan 16, 2021):
PU, DG Archaeology sign MoU

(Sat, Jan 16, 2021):
PU, Shaoor Foundation sign MoU


(Wednesday, July 15, 2020): MoU bw PU & the Hebei Foreign Studies University, China

(Friday, June 26, 2020): MoU bw PU & the University of Cambridge, UK

(Thursday, May 21, 2020): MoU bw PU & the Dunhuang Academy, PR China

(Thursday, May 05, 2020): MoU bw PU & the University of Regina, Canada

(Thursday, May 05, 2020):MoU bw PU & Center for International Studies (Ce.S.I), Rome, Italy

(Wednesday, February 12, 2020): MoU bw PU & Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Iran

(Friday, February 07, 2020): MoU bw PU & the University of Palermo (UNIPA), Italy

(Wednesday, January 15, 2020): MoU bw PU & Michigan State University, USA

(Tuesday, Dec. 31, 2019):MoU bw PU & the Aleenah Agriculture Co., Sudan

(Monday, Dec. 16, 2019):MoU bw PU & the Sichuan University, China

(Wednesday, Nov. 27, 2019): MoU bw PU & Changsha Normal University, China

(Monday, Nov. 25, 2019): MoU bw PU & the University of Huddersfield, UK

(Thursday, Nov. 07, 2019): MoU bw PU & the Rosalind Franklin Institute, UK

(Monday, June 10, 2019) :
Turkish delegation calls on PU VC LAHORE:

(Wednesday April 18, 2018):
Meezan Bank organizes seminar on Islamic banking at PU LAHORE:

(Thursday, February 1, 2018):
PU signs MoU with TABA foundation for social welfare LAHORE:




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