about directorate of students affairs (DSA)

Welcome to the students of University of the Punjab. The Directorate of Students Affairs (DSA)works actively to coordinate the various aspects of student life and development by generating a liaison between students, faculty and university administration. In June 1966 Student Teacher Centre was established which was run by Directorate of Student Affairs. The center accommodates the offices of various cultural societies of the University.There are special halls for indoor games, public lectures, seminars and conferences at the center. It also includes 8 furnished guest rooms for academic visitors to the University.

Directorate of Students Affairs plays the role of a backbone of university and offers a platform for wide variety of curricular and co-curricular activities to the students so that they can enjoy pleasant environment and enriched campus life. The underlying fundamental mission of Directorate of Student Affairs, however, is to ensure that students are safe, cared for, well treated and satisfied with their higher education.The Student Affairs staff works with students in a holistic manner, providing guidance and support to studentsin achieving their educational goals and in their personal development to assume the responsibilities of maturely educated persons.

core values

We encourage professional growth, development and ethical conduct of our staff and strive for collaboration to create an environment supportive of students learning in University.

 We value students

We value
their ideals,
their dreams,
their aspirations
their challenges
as they seek to
find meaning and
their voice...

 learning & individual potential

We value the process of acquiringknowledge and developing skills to reach individual potential and supportingopportunities for understanding unique talents and passions while becoming a part ofan educated community...

 the spirit of community

Like a small neighborhood,
we value opendialogue,
mutual respect and trust,
commitment to
long-term relationships,
a sense of belonging ...

 service to students and society

We assist students to define, refine andachieve their goals through programs and services designed to help them succeedand to become contributing members of society....

dsa student complaint portal


University of the Punjab highly values quality of Education and delivery of its academic and administrative services for the benefit of our youth. Office of Directorate of Students Affairs plays a pivotal role to bring the Students and Academia in close alignment. Students Affairs provides a wide variety of educational services, as well as artistic, athletic, and cultural programs, along with non-academic services to students. <<more>>

dsa competence to deal with students

working with diverse student population

In Punjab University students come from different diverse backgrounds like different educational, socioeconomic status, socio-cultural, racial, religion and regional setups. ...

community building, commitment and development

Building a sense of community between students is complex but has many advantages. ...

conflict resolution

Directorate of Students Affairs also manages conflict raised by students at times on campus premises by involvement of different parties. ...


Directorate of Students Affairs along with the support of Heads of all Departments and Student Advisors help students, from residential life and financial aid to career services and health services. ...

counseling & guidance

Student Counseling Services are also provided by the Directorate of Students Affairs to address the emotional and mental wellbeing of the students. ...


Directorate of Students Affairs works professionally and take quick and effective decisions for the benefit of the students.



key officials

Prof. Dr. Khalid MahmoodActing Vice Chancellor

University of the Punjab, Lahore-Pakistan.

Dr. Muhammad AliDirector

University of the Punjab, Lahore-Pakistan.


Directorate of Students Affairs provides following facilities to University Students

Directorate of Students Affairs provides a facilitating environment to University students regarding their different areas of concern. Its office is located in new campus and it is the first point of contact for prospective as well as admitted students for most of their general queries during their academic life here at Punjab University. The Staff is equipped to help students through effective guidance and counseling. The representing counters/rooms are being established here to facilitate the students to address their queries and concerns. The facilities include: