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Punjab University College of Pharmacy

Pharmacy education was started in the Province of Punjab of sub-continent in 1944 in the Department of Pharmacology, King Edward Medical College, Lahore, the oldest institution of medical sciences in the country. This education led to the Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy. The course of study was spreaded over three years. After the creation of Pakistan, the Department of Pharmacy was re-established as an independent Department in the University of the Punjab, Allama Iqbal Campus, Lahore. A revolutionary step was taken by the University authorities to upgrade the Department of Pharmacy to the level of Faculty in 1979 and three years B. Pharmacy course was converted to four years graduation course to meet the demand of the profession. Later on, in order to meet the international requirements, B. Pharmacy (4 years) program was converted to Doctor of Pharmacy (5 years) program in 2003.
The Faculty of Pharmacy was recognized and approved by the Pharmacy Council of Pakistan under Pharmacy Act 1967 and other Health Caring Organization of Pakistan. The Department of Pharmacy has been converted into Punjab University College of Pharmacy (PUCP) on 11th March 2004.
As per directions of Pakistan Pharmacy Council, the Punjab University College of Pharmacy is divided into five disciplines, namely: Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy and Pharmacy Practice
Punjab University College of Pharmacy is one of the oldest institutions in Pakistan. Mission of the college is to improve the quality of pharmacy education in Pakistan through excellent and updated courses conducted within an educative and friendly researched based innovative environment.

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