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University of the Punjab

Department Facility

College Library is self sufficient in providing textbooks, reference books and scientific research journals in various disciplines of Pharmaceutical Sciences to the students and professionals. Also provide Computer Lab & Internet facility.
Pakistan Journal of Pharmacy
Pakistan Journal of Pharmacy is published regularly by the College of Pharmacy, which contain research papers from the staff members of the College, as well as from other Universities/Research Organizations etc.
Pharma Mag.
Scholarships offered to the students include:
University Merit/Needy Scholarships are awarded by the University of the Punjab and Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan-Al-Nahyan, President of U.A.E
Fauji Foundation Scholarships.
Scholarship awarded under Pakistan Technical Assistance Programme for the Foreign Students by the Government of Pakistan.
Scholarship out of Benevolent Fund.
President Scholarship by the Ministry of Health, Islamabad for one student on the basis of good results in B. Pharmacy/Pharm. D. Ist, 2nd, and 3rd Professional Ist Annual Examinations.
Homoeo Physician Dr. Khalid Mahmood Ch. Scholarship for M. Phil student.
Gold Medals
Dr. Mehboob Rabbani Memorial Schazoo Gold Medal is awarded every year to a student who stands first in the B. Pharm./Pharm D. Final Professional Ist Annual Examination.
Nawaz Memorial Gold medal is awarded every year to a student who stands first in M. Phil. Part-II (Pharmaceutics) Ist Annual Examination.
Ch. Fazal Din Gold Medal is awarded every year to a student who stands first in M. Phil. Part-II (Pharm. Chemistry) Ist Annual Examination.
C.C.L. Javaid A. Shaikh Gold Medal will be awarded every year to a student who stands first in the B. Pharm./Pharm. D.  Final/Fourth Professional 1st Annual Examination in the subject of Industrial Pharmacy (Pharmaceutics).
Study Tours
Study Tours are carried out by B. Pharmacy/Doctor of Pharmacy 2nd and final Professional classes for the collection of medicinal plants and to visit various Pharmaceutical Industries respectively. M. Phil. Students also undertake field work and study tours.
A substantial grant is allocated by the University every year to cover up about 50% of expenses of these study tours. Remaining expenditures are met by the touring students through their own contribution.
Punjab University Bus service is regularly available which play on various routes around the city, especially between old (Allama Iqbal Campus) and  new (Quaid-e-Azam Campus.) Campuses.
Hostel Accommodation
Hostel Accommodation is available for students at both the University Campuses. A separate application for hostel accommodation should be submitted to the Chairman Hall Council through the College Principal alongwith a Medical Certificate from one of the following Laboratories showing that the candidate is free from any Hepatitis Viruses.
Punjab University Health Centre, Lahore.
Lahore Medical Laboratories, Lawrence Road, Lahore.
Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital, Lahore.
Lahore Chaughtai Laboratory, Lahore.
Qureshi Laboratory, Lahore.
College I.D. Card
Identity cards are issued to the College student on payment at the time of admission. It is compulsory for each student to keep these cards with them and produce when required. If the identity card is lost, students should immediately report to the College Principal for a new card. Duplicate identity card will be issued on payment Rs. 50/- will be charged every year in case of lost duplicate card will issued on the payment of Rs. 100/-
Laboratory Coats
Students are required to use white laboratory coats with their names inscribed, during practical classes.
Transcript Record
Transcript of academic record of the students who qualify B. Pharmacy/Doctor of Pharmacy or M. Phil. Examinations, will be issued on the payment of Rs. 100/- each. This amount is to be deposited at the Habib Bank, University of the Punjab, Allama Iqbal campus Branch through the Accountant of the College.
Extra Curricular Activities
A student’s body under the name of Punjab University Pharmaceutical Society (PUPS) has been established for organizing extra curricular activities of students. The Society performs its functions under the supervision of Chief Students Advisor. All policy matters regarding student’s affairs are decided by the Advisory Committee of the College, which consist of Principal and Student’s Advisors.
Sports are given due importance in the College. These include indoor sports in the college as well as Inter-Departmental outdoor sports of the University. The sport activities are being supervised by the Incharge College Sports.

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