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School of Chemistry

The Institute of Chemistry was established under the name of the University Chemical Laboratories in June, 1923. Over the past years, the Institute of Chemistry has had the privilege of producing many eminent Scientists of National and International repute. The graduates of this Institute hold positions of eminence in Education, R & D Organizations and Industries as well as in administration, at home and abroad. Dr. Khorana, a student of this Institute, has been awarded the Nobel Prize. Apart from teaching, research is a very significant part of the academic activities of this Institute.
This is due to the presence of a highly qualified Faculty, the availability of sophisticated research facilities and grants from University/Government Funding Agencies. For effective exploitation of the experience, skills, technical know-how of the teaching staff and to impart training to the students, the following fields of specialization have been developed: Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemical, Biochemistry, Polymer and Applied Chemistry.

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