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Vol. 52, No. 2, July-Dec. 2015
Electoral Politics in Pakistan: A Case Study of NA-94
by Abdul Qadir Mushtaq, Muhammad Ibrahim

Women Health in Pakistan: An Analysis of Millennium Development Goals (MDGS) Through Locally Constructed Indices
by Aliya Khalid, Muhammad Nasir,Mohammad Iqbal

Indian Ocean: A Prospective Potential Theatre of Pakistan-India Conflict
by Iram Khalid, Zainab Ahmed

Lahore of Pre Historic Era
by Kanwal Khalid

Role of Elected Landed Aristocrats in the Legislation and Policy Making in Pakistan: A Case Study of Members of the National Assembly (1972-1977) from the Punjab
by Mazhar Abbas, Abdul Qadir Mushtaq

Combating Terrorism: Pakistan’s Anti-Terrorism Legislation in the Post-9/11 Scenario
by Naeem Ahmed

Z. A. Bhutto’s Cabinet: A Study of Its Role in Formulation of Economic and Foreign Policy, 1971-1977
by Naumana Kiran

The Ordeal of the Punjab 1947: Violence, Religious Rhetoric and the Role of Leadership
by Rabia Umar Ali

Mughal - Sikh Relations: Revisited
by Robina Shoeb, Tauqeer Ahmad Warraich, Muhammad Iqbal Chawla

Shaking Monarchy And Shouting Masses:Arab Spring And Bahrain Uprising 2011
by M IhsanQadir, M Saifur Rehamn

MohtarmaFatima Jinnah s Verbal Duel: Non Violent Resistance for Social Change in Pakistan
by Samina Awan

Mir Mohammad Momin Astarabadi’s Contribution to QutbShahi Deccan History
by Shaikh Musak Rajjak

An Analytical Study of the Decorative Scheme in the light of Religious Significance, Employed in Muslim Tomb Buildings in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Pakistan
by Shakirullah, Ihsanullah Jan

Non-violence, Islam and Pakhtunwali
by Syed Minhajul Hassan

Major Forms of Architecture in Ancient Pakistan As Depicted In Gandhara Art
by Tauqeer Ahmad Warriach

Research on the Great Exhibition in Londonand Its Significance
by Yu Wenjie

Artisans, Sufis, Shrines: Colonial Architecture in Nineteenth?Century Punjab
by Nadine Zubair

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