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Vol. 53, No. 1, Jan.-Jun. 2016
Indian Influence in Afghanistan and its Implications for Pakistan
by UmbreenJavaid, RameeshaJavaid

Plight Of Rohingya Muslims
by Muhammad SaleemMazhar, Naheed s. Goraya

The Real Face Of Roshaniyya Movement
by Fakhr-ul-Islam, Shahbaz Khan

Media coverage of natural disasters in Pakistan: The case of Earthquake (2005), Flood (2010) and Famine (2014).
by LubnaZaheer

The Symbiotic Relationship of Sufismand Politics in the Islamicate South Asia
by TanvirAnjum

MaulanaZafar Ali Khan, Majlis-e-Ittihad-e-Millat and All India Muslim League
by Kishwar Sultana

Dictating Intellectual Climate of Muslim Nationalism in India: A Case Study of ChaudharyRahmat Ali
by Maqbool Ahmad Awan

Managing Kashmir Conflict:A Collaborative Approach
by Syed ShahidHussainBukhari

Zarb-e-Azb and the State of Security in Pakistan
by UmbreenJavaid

"Disintegration of Pakistan – The Role of Former Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR)" An Appraisal
by Syed Waqar Ali Shah, Shaista Parveen

Dissemination of Christianity from Rome to Briton in Medieval Ages
by ShumailaFirdos, Yu. Wenjie, Muhammad Abrar Ahmed

Political Discourse and Socio-Cultural Placement of Pakistani Women 1947-1976: A Historical Perspective
by Shehzadi Zamurrad Awan

The elements of Mural Art and Mediums in Potohar region
by Zain Ul Wahab and Romana Yasmin Khan

Direct and Indirect Impacts of Terrorism on Youth in Pakistan
by Zahid Shahab, Ahmed Khan Zeb

A History of Sindh from a Regional Perspective: Sindh and Making of Pakistan
by Fatima Riffat**, Muhammad Iqbal Chawla**, Adnan Tariq***

Historical Anthropology of Cholistan Through Folk Tradition
by Abdul Razzaq Shahid, Muhammad Shafique, Zulfiqar Ahmad Tabassam

Historiography of the Jihad Movement:A Critique of the Selected Portions of Muhammad Wazir Khan and GhulamRasulMihr's Works
by Altaf Qadir

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