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Vol. 56, No. 2, Jul. - Dec., 2019
A Minimalist Comparison of Punjabi and English
by Abdul Rafay Khan, Ghazala Kausar

Evaluate the Effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioral Interventions to reduce the severe level of Depression among University Students
by Alia Bashir, Muammad Naeem Mohsin, Fariha Sohil

An Analysis of the Components of Self-Realization in Sadequain's Poetry and Paintings
by Aqsa Malik

Baluchistan and Pakistan Movement: Role of Qazi Mohammad Isa 1939-1947
by Kishwar Sultana

Dynamics Of Establishing Maritime Silk Road: Prospects And Challenges
by M Saif ur Rehman, M. Ihsan Qadir, M Shafiq ur Rehman

The influence of Greek Classics and Arabs on Western Civilization in medieval period
by Shumaila Firdos, Yu. Wenjie, Abdul Basit Mujahid***

A Reappraisal: Civil-Military Relations in Pakistan, 2008-2013
by Zahid Mahmood *, Kashif Rathore***, Ahmad Ejaz**, Lubna Zaheer***,

Employees' response to code of ethics and corporate philanthropic social responsibility: Evidence from Pakistan
by Zulfqar Ahmad, Ghulam Ali, Hammad Hassan Mirza, Usman Yousaf Zeshan Ahmer, Bushra Usman

An Analysis of 2018 General Elections in Pakistan
by Saiful Islam *, Muhammad Zubair **, Imraz Muhammad ***

Problems faced by Female Members in the Indian Education Service in Colonial Period
by Saddaf Ayub Raja *, Muhammad Saeed Khan **, Umbreen Ishfaq ***

An overview of Women Representation in National Assembly of Pakistan and their career persistency
by Naveeda Noreen *, Zakria Zakar **, Anayat Ali ***, Uroosa Yousaf ****

Contextualization of IMF in Pakistan: A Discourse Analysis of Print Media
by Tahir Ijaz, Hafiz Zafar Ahmed, Abdul Majid Khan

An integrated framework for organizational performance enhancement through spirituality
by Usman Riaz Mir *, Syed Salman Hassan **, Eleftheria Egel ***, Hasan Sohaib Murad *

Sacred status of Qawali in Chishtiyya order: A case study of the Shrine of Meher Ali Shah
by Abdul Qadir Mushtaq, Rizwan Akhtar, Nasir Amir, Farzana Arshad****

Horizontal inequalities and identity conflicts: A study of Pakistan
by Sultan Mubariz Khan *, Misbah Shaheen **, Manzoor Ahmad ***

Is Bharat (India) a Secular or a Religious State?: Focusing on BJP Politics about the Babri Masjid
by Amaria Atta, Muhammad Iqbal Chawla, Abdul Basit, Abdul Qadir Mushtaq, Zubair Shafiq, Farzana Arshad

Rehabilitation of Acute and Chronic Ankle Sprain of Male Cricketers Through Aqua Exercise
by Sajjad Ali Gill* Tanver Akhtar** Tahir Nazeer*** Hira Shahid****

General Elections of 1993: A thriving Riposte of Democracy in Pakistan
by Muhammad Hassan*, Muhammad Rizwan*, Sadaf Butt*

Practitioners' Roles Obligations and Preferences in Public Relations Industry in Pakistan: A Quantitative Assessment
by Dr. Mudassir Mukhtar*, Dr. Muhammad Shabbir Sarwar**, Mr. Khurram Shahzad**, Dr. Waqal ul Haq****

A Study of Experiences Causing Stress Among Student Teachers During Teaching Practice
by Sajid Masood, Ghazal Khalid Siddiqui, Muhammad Naeem Sarwar

The Bilingual Cinema of Pakistan
by Zubair Shafiq, Sajjad Ahmad Paracha, Muhammad Shahzad, Muhammad Kashif

A Theoretical Analysis of the Contextual Environment of the NGO Sector in Pakistan
by Dr. Amer Afaq, Dr. Ralph Brower, Dr. Shakir Ullah

Influence of social class and work force engagement on political participation of women
by Sana Balouch*, Muhammad Mumtaz Ali Khan*, Mr. Imran Alam***, Mr. Naveed ur Rahman****

Analysing British Ornamentation of High Court, Lahore
by Faryal Abdullah, Dr. Rafya Tahir

Enhancing linkage between Knowledge Sharing and Innovation in Public Higher Education Institutions: Moderating role of Technological Capability
by Jahanzeb Khan, Kashif Akram, Rana Muhammad Adeel-Farooq, Warda Najib Jamal, Shanayyara Mahmood

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