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(Vol. 57, No. 1, Jan. - Jun., 2020)
Historiography Of The Arab Muslim's Barricade Of Constantinople: A Critical Appraisal
by Abdul Zahoor Khan, Syed Akmal Hussain Shah, Abdul Basit Mujahid, Muhammad Raza Taimoor

Investigation of Tilt Block Neotectonics in Gilgit-Baltistan-Pakistan: Implications from T-factor and fractal Analyses
by Amer Masood, Syed Amer Mahmood, Jahanzeb Qureshi, Muhammad Khubaib Abuzar

Self-efficacy and Innovative Work Behavior: The Role of Individual Ambidexterity and Formalization at Work Place in Pakistan
by Kalsoom Shahzadi *, Sobia Khurram **

Cognitive Self-Consciousness for Pakistan Studies: A Metacognitive Pedagogy
by Azmat Farooq Ahmad Khurram, Mobeen-Ul-Islam

Identification of Fintech Driven Operational Risk Events
by Fareeha Khalil, Hassan Mobeen Alam, Hafiz Abdur Rashid

Role of Women at Top Management in Public Sector Universities of Islamabad, Pakistan
by Muhammad Farooq, Naila Masood Ahmad, Abdul Qadir Mushtaq, Ramsha Masood Ahmad, Fouzia Hadi Ali, Abdul Basit Mujahid

Bhutto Era Amendments in the Constitution 1973: An Analysis in the context of Federalism
by Syed Tahir Hussain Bukhari *, Abdul Basit Mujahid **, Muhammad Raza Taimoor***, Sania Muneer****, Syed Akmal Hussain Shah*****

Political Role and Impact of Chishti Dargah of Sial Sharif in Pre and Post Partition Era of Punjab, Pakistan
by Tahmina Iqbal, Mazher Farid Chishti, Nazir Hussain Shah, Tahira Parveen, Muhammad Raza Taimoor, Muhammad Abrar Zahoor

Non-Academic Reforms for Madaris System in Pakistan
by Zil-e-Huma Rafique *, Muhammad Ishaq Fani **

Linkages of Corruption with Income, Inflation and Income Inequality in Pakistan
by Muhammad Shakeel *, Aziz Ahmed **, Shahbaz Sharif ***

Religion, Spirituality and Foreign Policy Dynamics: A Case Study of Relations between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia
by Benish Khan1, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Chawla, Dr Aftab Gillani, Dr Hafiz Zafar Ahmed

Discrimination against Female Education through PSDP of Pakistan
by Saddaf Ayub *, Muhammad Saeed Khan **, Nida Mirza***

De-radicalization in Pakistan: Implication of Swat Model
by Asim Shahzad Gill *, Ghulam Mustafa **, Muhammad Rizwan ***

Assessment The Predictors of Child Mortality in District Tharparkar, Sindh, Pakistan
by Raja Shaharyar *, Abdul Qadir Mushtaq **, Muhammad Farooq ***, Muhammad Shabir****

Career Orientation for Girls: Impact of parents' Level of Education and Profession
by Tahira Kalsoom *, Sadaf Jabeen **, Mubashira Khalid ***

Corporate Sustainability and Customer-Based Brand Equity: Beverage Industry's Perspective
by Shamaila Gull, Syeda Nazish Zehra Bukhari, Saman Malik & Ayesha Shahid

Safeguarding the best interest of the child in global context: International law and the child marriage
by Mumtaz Ali Khan, Imran Alam, Naveed-ur-Rahman, Sania Bhatti & Muhammad Kashif Ali

Negotiating the Indus Waters Treaty: An Historical Assessment
by Dr. Muhammad Nawaz Bhatti*, Farzad Ahmad†, Asia Saif Alvi‡, Muhammad Kashif Ali§ & Dr. Nabila Akhtar**

The 21st Constitutional Amendment and the Establishment of Military Courts in Pakistan
by Dr. Khan Faqir, Dr. Manzoor Khan Afridi, Syed Inam ur Rahman & Dr. Sajjad Ali

Identifying and ranking critical success factors for sustainable lean manufacturing implementation in automotive sector using (AHP) approach
by Muhammad Mohsin Rashid*, Prof. Dr. Arshad Hussain Qureshi*, Dr. Muhammad Usman Awan*, Dr. Asif Mahmood** & Dr. Ayyaz Ahmad*

Relationship between Verbal Working Memory Deficits and Developmental Dyslexia: The Unusual Mind
by Maria Shiraz, Qurratulain Ershad, Shahzada Qaisar & Ashiq Hussain

Pakistan Social Media and Sectarian Violence: Roles and Responsibilities of the State and Consumers
by Dr. Shabbir Sarwar *, Dr. Waqar Ul Haq**, Tayab Ramzan *** & Javairia Shafiq****

Gender Based Differences of Study Habits among University Students
by Nadia Saleem, M Anees -ul -Husnain Shah, Asghar Al

Ambivalence Constitutional Developments in India during 2019: Impacts and Implications on Muslim Community
by Dr. Ghulam Mustafa , Adnan Aslam, Muhammad Nawaz Bhatti, Dr. Abdul Qadir Mushtaq, Muhammad Arslan

Emergence of Web Radio in Pakistan : A historical perspective
by Mustafa Kamal , Dr. Arshad Ali , Dr. Anjum Zia

Internal and External Security Challenges to CPEC
by Muhammad Naeem Qazi, Rao Shahid Mahmood Khan, Muhammad Ahmed Qadri, Muhammad Saleem

Church Mission Society and Reforms in Multan
by Fakhar Bilal, Farooq Ahmad Dar

Kulli Culture or Civilization?
by Zahir Hussain, Kiran Shahid Siddiqui, Faisal Khan

Determining the Effectiveness of Teachers' Guide While Taking the Primary Teachers' Perspectives
by Fayyaz Ahmad Ranjha, Sumaira Munawar, Muhammad Shabbir, Ijaz Ahmad Tatlah

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