Journal of Scientific Research
  Journal of Scientific Research
  Published by: School of Chemistry
Frequency: Bi-Annually  

Instructions for Author
  Journal of Scientific research (JSR) publishes original articles, reviews, commentaries, and proceedings of meeting, and editorials concerned with research in the fields of all the sciences. Manuscript for Journal of scientific Research must be based on original, unpublished research; Reviews will be received by invitation of the editor and will be reviewed. The routine peer review and editorial process will determine acceptance for publication. Journal is published twice a year.
The manuscript shall be clearly typewritten in English on one side of paper only, with double spacing throughout and with margins of at least 3cm. The manuscript should be arranged a fellows; title page, abstract, text, references, tables, figure legends and figures. All pages should be numbered consecutively on the bottom right-hand corner beginning with the little page. Two complete copies of manuscript with one set of original figures should be addressed to; the Editor, c/o institute of Chemistry, University of the Punjab, Quaid-i-Azam new campus Lahore.-54590.

Covering Letter
  A letter stating the author's wish that it be evaluated for publication in JSR; must accompany each manuscript submission. The letter should include the following: the title, name of all authors of the paper, and the submission package contents.

Title Page
  The title should be brief, descriptive and have all words spelled out. The full name (s) of an author (s) should be listed without positions or degrees. The department and institution at which the work was done should be included. The name, full postal address, E-mail address and mobile/fax number of the author to whom correspondence about the manuscripts, proofs, and request for reprints should be send shall be provide and clearly identified.

Abstract and Key words
  A single paragraph of abstract not exceeding 300 words should describe the purpose, basic methods, main findings and the principal conclusions of the investigation. Not more than five key-words and a short running head with 45 characters maximum including spaces should be included below abstract.

  Research articles are usually divides into the following sections: introduction, materials (subjects) and methods, results, and discussion.

  Each table should be typed, double-spaced, on a separate page and must have a concise heading. Below the table, you may include a description of experimental conditions with footnotes. A table shall as far as possible be self-explanatory and interpretable without reference to the text of the article. 

  A complete, collated set of original figures must be attached to each copy of the manuscript. One of these sets must be original of press requirements. In soft pencil or as a typed adhesive label on the back of each figure, indicate figure' name, corresponding author's name, and orientation (top). Each figure should have a legend containing sufficient information to make the figure intelligible without reference to the text. All the legends must be typed together, double-space, on separate sheet(s).

  Identify references in the text, tables and legends by Arabic numerals in superscript, in the text, when there are more than two authors, only the first author shall be given, followed by ‘et al'. The list of references shall be numbered consecutively in the order in which they are first mentioned in the text. The journal names should be abbreviated in accordance with the style used in index medic us. For example:
  1) Iqba KH, zarina MA, Khanam EX, Moon KH. A study on dietary fiber intakes of local population. J.Xci. Res. 23:767-73,2005.
2) Kamran S, Krall LP, badshah RF. Treatment of canal water with flocculants. IN: Bognar S, ed. Water Treatment: Modern Management, PP. 1-12, Hol;t Saunders, Philadelphia, 2001.

Proofs and corrections
Read proofs and the edited manuscript carefully. Answer all query. Make only essential changes.
Modifications mad by the technical editors for style, the author may not change grammar and readability unless scientific meaning has been compromised. Return proof and manuscript within 48 hours after they arrive. Failure to observe this deadline can result in delayed publication.

Disk and e-mail submission

  A diskette/CD is required with the submission. Manuscript can be submitted as e-mail attachment on the following address

Off Print and Printing charges
  Corresponding author will be provided 20 off prints. There are no printing charges for JSR.


The University of the Punjab Publishes Journal of Scientific Research twice a year. The two Issues of the Journal are published in June & December.



                Single Issue                  Rs.50.00            Postage included
                Annual (Two Issues)     Rs.90.00

                Single Issue $ 5.00
                Annual (Two Issues) $ 8.00

All business correspondence should be addressed to the Secretary, Editorial Board, Journal of Scientific Research, C/o Institute of Chemistry, University of the Punjab, Quaid-i-azam Campus, and Lahore-Pakistan.

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