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Previous Issue (Volume 43, No. 2, 2021)
Relationship between Secondary School Students' Physics Academic Achievement Scores and their Conceptual Knowledge
by Wajid Ali Khan*and Muhammad Saeed**
The Role of Teacher Training Programs in Optimizing Teacher Motivation and Professional Development Skills
by Hafiz Nauman Ahmed, Ali Rizwan Pasha, and Munawar Malik
An Examination of Students' Attitude towards the Use of Google Classroom in Preparatory Year English Program
by Syed Naeem Ahmed and Shafiq ur Rehman
Transformational Leadership of Head Teachers and Academic Optimism: Perspectives of Teachers in Secondary Schools
by Atif Khalil and Abid Hussain Ch.
Epistemological Beliefs and Girl Students' Academic Achievements regarding Mathematics Curriculum
by Almas Shoaib, Fauzia Naheed and Shariqa Nasreen
How and to What Extent Managerial Practices of School Heads are Influencing the Morale of Primary School Teachers?
by Najeeb Ullah Khan and Muhammad Uzair-ul-Hassan
Effectiveness of Peer Assessment and Peer Feedback in Pakistani Context: A Case of University of the Punjab
by Nadia Majid and Muhammad Islam
Examining the Key Effect of Authentic Leadership on Organizational Citizenship Behaviors of University Teachers in Pakistani Context
by Hina Saleem and Ghalib Ata
Examining Transformation Geometry Concept Definitions of Pre-Service Mathematics Teachers
by Gülfem Sarpkaya Aktaş, and Nejla Gürefe
Effect of Metacognition on Mathematical Deductive Reasoning among Secondary School Students
by Saeedullah and Rafaqat Ali Akbar
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