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Previous Issue (Volume 40, No. 3, 2018)
Effect of Existing Teaching of Chemistry on Ninth Graders' Achievement in Sindh, Pakistan
by Muhammad Ilyas Bhutto, Wasim Qazi & Khalid Jamil Rawat

Standard Based Three Dimensional Capacity Development of In-Service Secondary School Teachers
by Sidra Rizwan & Rehana Masrur

A Study of Research Trends at Master Level in Education in the Universities of Punjab: Period from 1988 to 2008
by Mazhar Iqbal, Akhtar Ali & Muhammad Javed

Relationship between Moral Atmosphere of School and Moral Development of Secondary School Students
by Mahwish Safder & Abid Hussain Ch.

Impact of Leadership Style of Teacher on the Performance of Students: An Application of Hersey and Blanchard Situational Model
by Shaukat Ali Raza & Asma Sikandar

An Instrumental Perspective of Higher Education in Pakistan: From Public Good to Commercial Commodity
by Asghar Ali, Aamir Saeed & Asif Munir

Perceptions of University Students about Causes of Terrorism
by Saghir Ahmad, Misbah Malik & Ayesha Batool

Relationship between University Students' English Proficiency, Academic Achievement and their Satisfaction on Teacher Feedback
by Kamal ud Din & Muhammad Saeed

A Comparison of Students' Self-concept on the Basis of Visual Impairment and Normal Vision
by Sajida Mah Jabeen & Mumtaz Akhter

Prediction of Students' Academic Performance using Artificial Neural Network
by Zahoor Ahmad & Erum Shahzadi

On the Future of Business Education in Pakistan: A Descriptive Analysis of Courses included in the Curriculums of Commerce and Business Education
by Zafar Ahmad, Muhammad Sarfraz Khan & Zulfiqar Ahmad

Factors Influencing Research Culture in Public Universities of Punjab: Faculty Members' Perspective
by Muhammad Iqbal, Samreen Jalal & Muhammad Khalid Mahmood

Pre-school Education in Bahawalpur: A Situational Analysis of Private and Government Schools
by Nasreen Akhter

A Literary Representation of Educational Transformation and its Effect on South-Asia and Africa during British Colonization
by Shaheen Khan, Rasib Mahmood & Kainat Zafar

A Comparative Study of English Language Teaching Practices at the Access Program and Public Schools
by Muhammad Iqbal & Muhammad Shaban Rafi

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