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Vol. 53 (8) (2021)
Several Congruences Related to Harmonic Numbers
by Laala Khaldi, Farid Bencherif, Abdellah Derbal and Miloud Mihoubi
Linear Algebraic Approach to Formulate A New Recurrence Relation for Bernoulli Numbers from the Power-Sum of Natural Numbers with Experiments on Pedagogy
by Md. Shafiqul Islam and Sumit Bhowmick
Numerical Solution of Time Fractional Delay Partial Differential Equations by Perturbation Iteration Algorithm
by Fareeha Sami Khan, Mariam Sultana and M. Khalid
Petrovic's type inequality for exponentially convex functions and coordinated exponentially convex functions
by W. Iqbal, M. A. Noor and K.I. Noor
Semi-analytical solutions for the hydrodynamic stability based nonlinear fourteenth order differential problem
by Islam Zari, Tahir Saeed Khan and Fahim Ullah
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