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Vol. 54 (2) (2022)
Convergence of Jungck-Kirk Type Iteration Method with Applications
by Samet Maldar and Vatan Karakaya
Examining Higher Order Aberration in Eyes after DSEK
by Fareeha Sami Khan and M. Khalid
Statistical Inference for the Parameter of Rayleigh Distribution Through Fuzzy Membership Function
by Saima Mustafa, Shumaila Naheed and Hina Basharat
One Parameter Discrete Ailamujia Distribution with Statistical Properties and Biodiversity and Abudance Data Applications
by Afaq Ahmad, Aijaz Ahmad and Gamze Ozel
Analytical Solution of Nonlinear Nonhomogeneous Space and Time Fractional Physical Models by Improved Adomian Decomposition Method
by Dnyanoba B. Dhaigude and,Vidya N. Bhadgaonkar
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